The Lost Husband: Know the Ending Better

‘The Lost Husband’ is a 2020 American romantic drama movie. It is based on Katherine Center’s novel of the same name. It is written and directed by Vicky Wight and stars Leslie Bibb and Josh Duhamel in the lead roles. Read on to know the plot and ending of ‘The Lost Huband’ Spoilers Ahead.

The Lost Husband: Plot

The lead character Libby played by Leslie Bibb is a single mother of two children after who lost her husband in an accident. At first, she starts living with her mother, with whom she doesn’t share a warm relation. However, she moves to Texas along with her children to live with her Aunt Jean. Jean owns a large farm and since Libby has no work she accepts working on the farm. Jean asks the farm’s manager James O’Connor to train the naive Libby.


The Lost Husband: Ending Explained

Although Libby develops a warm friendship with the manager James, she is still haunted by her past. She has traumatic dreams about the night of her husband’s death. In addition to that her children come across difficulties in finding friends at their new school. Hence, she finds it hard to completely move on and adapt to her new farm life.

Further in ‘The Lost Husband’ Libby comes across an abandoned home across the farm. To her surprise, she finds a family photo hanging in that house. The house seems vaguely familiar to her but she has no memories regarding that photograph.

The Secret Revealed

Libby asks her aunt about the time she spent with her during her childhood as depicted in the photograph. Aunt Jean tells her a secret she had never revealed until now. Libby’s mother had abandoned her when she was only four months old. Jean took care of her and fostered her as her own baby. After a few years out of jealously, her mother Marsha again took Libby away with her. Jean never told Libby this as Marsha was still her biological mother. Libby as a child coped up these sad childhood memories and hence can’t recall them even if she wants.

Libby and James in The Lost Husband
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This revelation makes her understand why she is not able to accept her husband’s death. She finds it analogous to her mother leaving her when she was a kid. Though he did not leave her on purpose she is still traumatized by the fact of abandonment and loneliness.

Thus, she eventually understands the reason for her restlessness. She accepts his death and also forgives her mother. Now, with a stable state of mind, she can move on and progress in her relationship with James. She also helps James to unleash his past demons and focus on the beautiful present.

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