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The Magnificent KOTOBUKI: Promotional Video of the upcoming movie out!

The official site of “The Magnificent KOTOBUKI” anime released a promotional video for its compilation film “The Magnificent KOTOBUKI Complete Edition” on Friday.

Alongside the promotional video, an official poster for the film is out too.


As seen on the poster, it’s clear the screening of the film will also include MX4D.

The compilation film The Magnificent Kotobuki Complete Edition will release on September 11, 2020.

The cast members from the television anime series will return for the film as well.
These include Sayumi Suzushiro (Kylie), Eri Yukimura (Emma), Sayaka Nakaya (Kate), Asami Seto (Reona), Hibiku Yamamura (Zara), Miyu Tomita (Chika) and others.

Advance booking of the movie is in process with the confirmation in the form of a specially designed movie card and different rolls of masking tape, including different fighter planes from the show and some chibi designs.

Movie Card

Masking Tapes

The film’s plot revolves around a crew of fighter pilots taken up to protect trading the zeppelins from sky pirates.

We’re really excited for the release of the film. Tell us what you think about the movie in the comments below!

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