The Mandalorian: Premiere Teases Season 2’s Arc

The pilot of the First Season of The Mandalorian alluded to the entire plot of the first season, and it potentially points to the structure of the second season of the series. The work of George Lucas is clearly admired by Jon Favreau, and it shows the most in the way that he designs stories.
An important part of Star Wars for Lucas was that it was a connected mythology where the large events and the characters created echoes that resonated even in minor ways.

This all lead to Lucas using a technique which is known as ring composition in every film after A New Hope, with repeating visual and structural elements that rhymed throughout the movies.

The Mandalorian
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Favreau is also putting this technique to work in the series by incorporating major elements of the arc of the series into the pilot episodes, and distilling the essence of the story into a single expression, and even foreshadowing the twists to come.

The Mandalorian: Premiere Teases Season 2’s Arc

One can also watch the first two episodes of the first season of The Mandalorian based on this and map the beats of the larger plot. In theory, this could also apply to the second season and its first episode, which is titled “Chapter 9: The Marshal,” if one looks back at the structure of Season 1’s premiere episodes as well.

Going back to the first season, episodes 1 and 2 of the series, the fans see Mando finally learn to tame a creature on a desert planet, get into a shoot-out, make an alliance with a murder droid and decide to protect the Child over upholding his code, lose his ability to leave the planet and negotiate with the Jawas, and accept help from Baby Yoda and also watch the Jawas eat and even destroy the egg. 

These points match the plot of the first Season, where Mando learns to ride the unexpected and is attacked by everyone wherever he goes. Also, he is kicked out of the Guild for breaching his contract, struggles to escape his situation, and negotiates with former foes, accepts the help of Baby Yoda, and learns that Moff Gideon wants to kill the Child to consume him, like the Jawas did the egg.

The Mandalorian
Image Source – Insider

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These similarities are also present in the second Season. Mando needs to find other Mandalorians, so he heads to Tatooine. It is yet another desert planet, where the broken astromech from A New Hope, R5, directs Mando to Mos Pelgo, a mining town that everyone thinks it has been swallowed by the sand. 

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