The Mandalorian Season 2: What Does The New Trailer Reveal About The Plot?

The Mandalorian had become an instant smash hit when it was made available to stream in the year 2019 on the online streaming service providing platform of Disney, Disney Plus. It has become a shining beacon in the Star Wars fandom, considering the recent run of the Star Wars films produced by Disney Plus has somewhat floundered critically. However, the films are still considered box office successes.

The show has already been nominated for 15 Emmy Awards so far, including for the Outstanding Drama series. Keeping in mind all the excitement that is surrounding the first season of the show, Disney is doing what it is highly expected to do, renewing the show for the second season.

The Mandalorian Season 2
Image Source – Disney

For the second season, you can expect almost all of your favorite characters who survived in the first season to return. Quill and IG-11, you will be living in our hearts. That definitely means that you will be seeing more of Pedro Pascal’s Mandalorian, as well as The Child, or as he is more commonly called, Baby Yoda.

The Mandalorian Season 2: What Does The New Trailer Reveal About The Plot?

Also, the fans of the show should also expect to see Gina Carano‘s Cara Dune and Carl Weathers‘ Greef Karga, as they have all been confirmed to make a return to Disney. One of the burning questions from the finale of the first season of the show was, The Dark Saber.

The unique lightsaber was created by Tarre Vizsla, the first Mandalorian Jedi. Other Mandalorians from the clan of Vizsla acquired the blade after his death and wielded the blade as they ruled over Mandalore for generations. We would also like to inform you that the history of Saber goes back through most of the Star Wars mythology, with even Darth Maul wielding at one point.

It remains a mystery how it ends up in the hands of Gideon. We might see an answer to this soon, as the actor who is playing the role of Moff Gideon has revealed that it is a key to the past of Moff Gideon.

The Mandalorian Season 2
Image Source – Disney

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Boba Fett was last seen falling into the Sarlacc pit on Tatooine in the return of the Jedi, but it appears to us that he has somehow managed to escape and will be appearing in the second season of the show. As claimed by the sources, actor Temuera Morrison will be playing the character.

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