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The Millionaire Detective: Stage Play Confirmed

The Millionaire Detective – Balance: UNLIMITED, the television anime has inspired a stage play. The anime is based on Yasutaka Tsutsui’s bestselling detective novel Fugō Keiji (Wealthy Detective).

The play is titled Millionaire Detective Balance: UNLIMITED The STAGE. It will premiere at the Shinagawa Prince Hotel Club’s eX in Tokyo on October 2. The play will run for 10 days till October 11.

The Millionaire Detective
Source: Fuji TV

The Millionaire Detective Anime Stage Play: Cast and Crew

Yо̄jirо̄ Itakawa will play Detective Daisuke Kanbe’s role. Shūji Kikuchi will play Haru Kato’s role and Yūsuke Seto as Yusuke Miyagi. Additionally, Riona Tatemichi will appear as Suzue Kanbe, Kosei Tsubokura as Ryо̄ Hoshino. Yūnosuke Matsushima will portray Shinnosuke Kamei and Ikkei Yamamoto will play Akifumi Moriyama.

Daisuke Nishida will direct the play. His well-known works are Blood Blockade Battlefront, Hakuōki, Sengoku Basara, Blue Exorcist stage productions. Taku Kishimoto will write the play’s script. He is also in charge of the anime’s series composition.


The story revolves around the incredibly wealthy Daisuke Kanbe (Yūsuke Ōnuki) who audaciously solves cases in unconventional ways. The original anime was made in 1977 and 1977 so it had an old ancient background. It is now adopted into a modern-day drama.

The Millionaire Detective
Source: Fuji TV

Kanbe is assigned to the “Modern Crimes Task Unit”. This unit is created to keep problematic officers away from others. Here, Kanbe partners with Haru Katō (Mamoru Miyano) at the unit.

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This year, the anime got released on Fuji TV channel’s Noitamina programming block on April 9. It aired for two episodes before going into hiatus in the wake of coronavirus pandemic. It resumed airing from the first episode on July 16 in Japan. Funimation started streaming series’ new episodes from July 30.

The Millionaire Detective Anime is one of the best thriller detective anime and a live play will be a delight to watch. More details will be revealed very soon. Until then, stay tuned and keep reading!




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