The Office: Interesting Things You Never Knew About The Most Loved Cast!

Psychologists have explored that The Office has become a kind of irreversible part of the American Pop Culture and that is the reason why people are unable to stop binging on it on the online streaming service providing platform, Netflix. The fans of the show are so much dedicated to the show that the star of the show, Steve Carell, even dedicated his recent live program, Saturday Night Live, cold open to shut down the revival’s notion.

The Office Cast
Image Source – Netflix

For the hundreds of thousands of fans of the show, who have queued up The Office on their computers, we have brought some surprising and amazing facts related to the show and the cast members of the show, that will definitely make you speechless.

Facts about The Office and Cast

  • When Angela Kinsey auditioned for the show, she was a phone operator for 1-800-Dentist. Well, she was repeating the same words on calls, “Do you need a cleaning and check-up or do you already have a dental appointment today?”
  • The temperature on the set was cold. It was as cold as 64 Fahrenheit, and the reason behind this was given by Rainn Wilson. He said that Steve Carell had active sweat glands which are capable of ruining a shot, so the entire crew has to suffer.
  • The kiss between Jim and Pam was the first on-screen kiss of John Krasinski, and he admitted it in an interview. When Jenna Fisher, who plays Pam Beesly asked him whether it was his first on-screen kiss, he denied.
  •  Steve Carell was called in sick during the strike of the writers. It was the case of enlarged balls. Without the star of the show, the production of the how immediately went on hold.
  • Phyllis Smith was a burlesque dancer and an NFL cheerleader. She told Yahoo that it was the perfect job for her and she really enjoyed working with the St. Louis Cardinal Cheerleaders, and also, she loved Football.
The Office
Image Source – Netflix
  • The computers on the set had an active internet connection so there is no need to feel bad for the characters sitting and staring blankly at the computer screens. There are huge chances that they were browsing the internet for their entertainment!
  • The most expensive shot on the show was the scene of Jim and Pam’s proposal. The scene costs around $250,000 as told by the executive producer, Greg Daniels.
  • John Krasinski was wearing a wig in the third season. You sure couldn’t tell that, could you?
  • Rainn Wilson gave audition for the role of Michael Scott We wonder how he would look in that character!
  • The only script that was never rewritten was that of the Dinner Party.
  • The inspiration behind Jan’s boob job was Melora Hardin. Well, that came along pretty unexpectedly!

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That’s it, folks! Stay tuned to read more fun stuff about your favorite shows and movies!


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