The Old Guard: Will Booker Go Against His Allies?

Based on the comic of the same name, The Old Guard is another movie with immortals. This Netflix original is full of exciting adventures. This action-thriller ends with a slight emotional turn. The ending left its viewers with many questions about one of the members of the group.

So here we have The Old Guard’s ending explained. SPOILERS AHEAD!

The Old Guard Plot Summary

The movie is about a team of immortals who have found each other throughout the centuries. The members of the group are Andy, Joe, Nicky, and Booker. They all have unique abilities to heal themselves. A former CIA operative, Copley, hires them to rescue kidnapped children in South Sudan. However, some mercenaries attack them which Copley set up. Meanwhile, they also discover a new immortal, Nile. Now they have to protect her from the rest of the world and also keep their identity a secret.

What Happens At The End? Ending Explained

After Booker’s betrayal, the rest of the team decides his fate. Andy tells him that he will not make any contact with any other member for a full century. She also mentioned that they’d meet again at the same place. We also get to know that Copley is going to declare her dead so her family won’t worry about her more.

The remaining team members must decide future operations carefully after Andy losing her immortality.
Image: IMDb

The rest of the team visits Copley’s office. There they discover that the former CIA agent has found the reason behind their immortality and healing power. As we already know that Andy is no longer immortal, she discusses how things will happen in the future. Now Copley must remove all the traces of their existence and fight appropriate missions for them.

In the last scene, we see a drunken Booker in Paris. As he arrives at his room, he senses someone’s presence in the room. Although he’s drunk, he is still alert and takes his gun out and finds a mysterious woman inside. We see none other than Quynh inside his room.

Nobody knows how did Quynh managed to escape her underwater tomb.
Image: IMDb

How and Why Is Quynh Back?

Back in the past, we know that Quynh and Andy were the only immortals. Her ability to heal instantly was viewed as witchcraft by other people. She was sentenced to be locked in a tomb in the oceans. Andy spent years looking for her, but her search was fruitless, and ultimately she ends her search.

Of course, the reveal of Quynh, in the end, was shocking. Everyone’s curious to know how and when she managed to escape her underwater prison. As she appears after such a long time, we didn’t get to know about her real emotions towards Andy and the rest of the members. We hope that all these bits and pieces will be answered in The Old Guard.

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