The Old Guard: Possibility Of Sequel Confirmed By The Writer

As the streaming war is picking up heat in the recent years, the online streaming platform, Netflix is constantly increasing the production of the original series. It has been releasing more of the original movies along with the myriad TV shows of the streaming service. Gina Prine-Bythewood’s Old Guard was one of the most recent hits by the platform, and it starred Charlize Theron. Now the writer of the comics, as well as the film, has revealed the details about having the possible plans for the sequel.

The Old Guard
Image Source – Netflix

The Old Guard by Netflix was trending since it got its release on July 10. The origin of the story marks from comics, and the screenplay of the film is penned by the original writer Greg Rucka. The popularity of the Old Guard made it kind of inevitable to end without a sequel, and now the possibility of the sequel has been addressed by Rucka.

The Old Guard | What Greg Rucka has to say?

He said that there had been discussions about the sequel certainly, but nothing is confirmed till yet. Rucka also added that he doesn’t think that there is going to be a decision made as to whether another one is in the offering or not. The decision to produce another one will be taken by the people who are out of his lane as he said.

The Old Guard
Image Source – Netflix

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The original movie definitely set up the continuation for a sequel, but nothing has been confirmed officially by Netflix till now. Well, if anything is going to happen, then we are sure it is not going to happen anytime soon, it will definitely take a while. We can witness that Netflix is moving forward with the sequels as it has already started the development of its big hits like Bird Box and Extraction.

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