The Old Guard: Worth The Excellent Response?

The Old Guard: Worth The Excellent Response?

Ever wondered what it feels to live forever? It’s not as pleasing as the first thought that strikes our mind on hearing about immortality. Read on to find out a new journey embarked by the movie “The Old Guard” available on Netflix.

The Old Guard: Plot

The Old Guard is based on a comic book of the same name by Greg Rucka and Leandro Fernandez. It is an action thriller superhero movie starring Charlize Theron as ‘Andy’ of Scythia. Andy plays the leader of an immortal squad of mercenaries which has Booker, Joe, Nicky as her fellow immortal colleagues. In addition to surviving over many centuries, they have protected humanity and worked for its greater good. As the story reveals, Andy finds about a new immortal named Nile and forcefully adds her to their clan.

Is it easy being an Immortal?

Well as the story proceeds there are flashbacks and Andy’s voice-over. Somehow it reveals how she is really sick of experiencing the pain of coming back to life every time after experiencing death. Immortals have the ability to regenerate themselves after getting wounded. Although, it doesn’t change the fact that they have to bear the pain while being attacked upon. The excruciating pain of knife stabbing, swords, and other lethal objects are felt by them.

Moreover, they have to see their friends, family, and close ones grow older with the passing years. Eventually, their dear ones die leaving some void in their life. Immortality comes with a disguised pain where the soul is trapped in an unceasing cycle of life and death, with no escaping. However, the characters Joe and Nicky do not have to experience this loneliness. They have a romantic love story ongoing in the movie.

The Old Guard: Definitely a new promising franchise

The Immortals
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To begin with, the story has many topsy turvy turns including one where their secret of immortality is under the risk of exposure. Somehow they manage to get their secrets covered till the end of this movie. There is also a pinch of betrayal┬áin the story by Booker, who is a member of the group itself. Thereby he is excluded from being an active part of Andy’s group.

‘The Old Guard’ ends in a cliffhanger which leaves the audience in awe and surprise. This promises a sure sequel to the movie where with time the story will unfold many interesting facts which are obscure till now. Surely, we can expect more flashbacks about Andy’s past, the addition of some new immortals to the group, the return of Booker to the group, and much more happening stuff. Keeping in mind the excellent critic response, according to me, The Old Guard is a must-watch for anyone who loves action-suspense-superhero-fantasy movies!

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