The Order: Know What The Season 2 End Hints About Season 3

The Order‘ is an American horror drama series created by Dennis Heaton. The first season was quite impressive which was followed by a second season which has left the audience in a cliffhanger. Read on to find out in detail about what season 2’s ending hints about its next season. Spoilers Ahead!

Plot Summary

Jack Morton played by Jake Manley is the lead character in the series. He is a college-going teen who happens to join the Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose. It is a secret society that teaches and practices magic. With the passage of time, Jack is opened up to some dark family secrets and an underground battle between werewolves and the magical dark arts.

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The Order: Season 2 Ending

Salvador starts giving away magic to random people with the support of Alyssa. However, this practice leads to an imbalance in the energy of magic. Whenever magic is performed without sacrifice, it leads to a tear in the system of things. It keeps on getting worse after every single act performed by them.

Vera resorts to violence to put an end to this. But, Jack successfully arranges a meeting between Vera and Salvador so that both of them find a common solution. If not so many lives would have been lost by the unwanted violence.

Who killed Salvador?

Salvador demands a spell called Foris Factorum, which would free people from performing any sacrifices for magic. Still, Vera understands the gravity of this spell and the consequences it can cause in the future. She doesn’t want to give it to Salvador’s demands but also has to stop her from creating an apocalypse. Both of them are bound by a spell, through which Salvador tries to kill Vera, but gets herself killed.

Due to Salvador’s death, Alyssa becomes very angry and she takes away the magic from Vera. However, the pair found themselves to work together in the last episode as they had to seal a hole in the universe.

Alongside, in order to bring back Lilith, the Knights open up the portal to Hell. Lilith’s return shows that she is not the same anymore. She has either turned into a demon after spending time in hell, or some other demon has come to Earth inside her body.

Jack and Alyssa
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Gabrielle has been possessed by Midnight(the werewolf) and is fighting with him for control. Midnight reconsiders killing Jack but is still threatened by Vera and Alyssa. It attacks Alyssa and kills her because Vera was the only one who could have saved her, provided she was not bereft of magic. In the last scene, Jack is seen taking Alyssa’s body into the woods along with Vade Maecum.

The Order: Season 3 Plot

There are many questions left to be addressed by the creator at the end of season 2 finale. Let us have a look at some of them and what more can we expect from the story of season 3.

Will Vera get back her powers? We expect her to contribute more to season 3 after regaining her magical abilities and being fully productive.

Another major question is: Will Alyssa be alive? Jack was seen carrying her into the woods along with Vade Maecum. It carries the world’s most powerful incantation. So we hope Alyssa overcomes her injuries and is back with her powers.

Meanwhile, Lilith wasn’t too pleased on returning to Earth leaving her fellow demons in Hell. So we can expect some action-packed sequences among other characters in the new season.

Finally, Jack may need to spend some quality time in the unconscious realm during the ‘The Order’ season 3 on Netflix.

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