The Order Season 3 Cancelled! Why Netflix Decided To End The Show After Just 2 Season?

The second season of The Order was dropped on the online streaming service providing platform, Netflix, back in the summer of the year 2020, but now, heading into the last couple of months of this year, it looked like things are not bright for The Order Season 3.

After reports on the props going up for sale for the show, the screenwriter for the series has confirmed in the month of November that the third season of the series will not be coming to the streaming giant and that the show has been canceled.

We did not expect much of the series first arriving in the month of March of the year 2019, but it did exceed our expectations when it was renewed for the second season. Well, realistically, we should not have been surprised; the series plays right into the hands of the teen viewers, who typically adore supernatural dramas.

The Order Season 3
Image Source – Netflix

Coronavirus pandemic has also thrown a spanner in the works for many shows in the year 2020. We have seen the delays in the shooting and other issues that have led to the cancellation of many shows so far in the year 2020, including The Society, and many feared that the show would be following suit.

The Order Season 3 Cancelled! Why Netflix Decided To End The Show After Just 2 Season?

At the virtual Comic-con that took place in lieu of San Diego Comic-Con over the summer, Chad Oakes had expressed his thoughts that we would have heard something official by the end of the summer 2020.

We were alerted in the month of October of this year to a significant number of props from the show going up on auction. This is usually a bad sign for the shows, and it signaled to us that the future might be in jeopardy.

Then fast forward to the month of November of the year 2020, Dennis Heaton, who serves as one of the screenwriters on the show, confirmed recently what many had suspected. 

The Order Season 3
Image Source – Netflix

The third season of The Order would not be happening, and in a tweet, the writer said that for two of the seasons, he was honored to work with an incredible cast and crew members on The Order for Netflix. 

It is one of the best experiences of his career, but unfortunately, they are not returning, but he will always cherish the memories and the props that he stole.

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