The Order Season 3: Netflix Release And Plot Updates

The second season of The Order was dropped on the online streaming service providing platform Netflix back in the summer, but now as we are heading into the last couple of months of the year 2020, we still do not know whether there will be The Order Season 3. However, we have found some pieces of news that suggests that it may not happen. 

Here, we have gathered all the information that we have related to the third season of the show as of now. The first season of the series arrived on Netflix in the month of March of the year 2019. Well, initially, we did not expect much from this series, but it did well above our expectations and was renewed for a second season.

Lead Characters | The Order Season 3
Image Source – Netflix

We would not be surprised much as the series plays right into the hands of the teenage viewers, who typically adore supernatural dramas like this one. 

The Order Season 3: Netflix Release And Plot Updates 

Typically we find about the future of the headline series of Netflix a few months after the release, which is when the streaming giant can decide whether viewership and other factors suggest that it is worthy of giving a renewal for another season.

While renewing any show for another season, Netflix looks at the following parameters to determine.

  1. Total number of subscribers that are watching
  2. percentage of the subscribers that returned to watch the second season 
  3. the percentage of the subscribers that finished the second season
  4. percentage of subscribers that failed to watch the full second season
  5. total number of rewatches

This year, coronavirus has also thrown a spanner in the works for many shows too. The filming delayed, and other shooting issues have led to the cancelation of many shows so far this year, which The Order could quite easily get caught up in. The Society is a really good example given its large cast.

Lead Characters | The Order Season 3
Image Source – Netflix

At the virtual Comic-Con, that took place over the summer in lieu of San Diego Comic-con, Chad Oakes expressed his thoughts that we would have heard something by the end of the summer of this year.

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We were also alerted to a significant number of props from the show going up on auction. While we couldn’t find any props that have significant meaning to the future of the show, props are mainly sold when shows have been finished.

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