The Oval: Dramatic Season 1 Finale To The Soap Opera

The Oval is a Soap-Opera created by Tyler Perry that aired its first season on BET. The story is about fictional president Hunter Franklin and the first lady Victoria Franklin and their chaotic life filled with drama in the White House. The show ended it’s 25 episodes, season 1 run on BET. The finale provided a two-hour conclusion with confusion about whether there will be a season 2 or not? Let’s take a look at the ending.


The Oval Ending Explained:

Victoria had a whiff of the affair of Hunter before the finale. She gives Ellie a handful of words and a smack, not knowing she wasn’t the one. Hunter (the president) whose last mistress’s dead body had to be taken out explains that the panties Victoria found belonged to Denise. Ellie was not the one he was sleeping with, yet!

Ellie gets a promotion for sleeping with the president, and a press conference is organised. But things are not just settled for Ellie yet. Ellie’s former boss Diane is angry, and she scheduled a press conference of her self to expose the scandal involving Hunter and Ellie’s affair. The event of the Press conference was pretty grim in itself. Diane without any regards for her life made many vulgar comments about Ellie and told the entire press – “so if I happen to die for some strange reason, investigate this a–hole and his entire administration” referring to Hunter.

Kyle, on the other hand, tries to show Victoria how the mattress on which Denise passed was destroyed. Paranoid as she is, Victoria suspects Kyle of trying to get in bed with the president. Kyle does not seem to have any such intention, but what does Victoria care about that. She won’t stop her vile comments. The exchange did not end on a friendly note.

The Children:

The first family
“The Oval”
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Jason and Gayle are taken by their Grandmother after Victoria asked her too. Both of them are pissed at this decision and are very hostile to their Grandmother. But what happens before is the most chilling part. Before leaving, Jason gets very physically upset at Jane and tries to warn her she is there for his amusement. When Jane becomes ignorant of his remark, she chokes her and kills her and after slides her body under the bed. Everyone in the first family is a psycho.  

Victoria’s mother eventually arrives to pick up Jason and Gayle. The Grandmother subtly reminds Jason of his self-pleasuring activity during their recent luncheon. The pair are in cahoots for some notorious future activities that’s for sure. They are not going away on a simple fun trip. 

Victoria’s infidelity:

Victoria’s always had a plan to someday seduce Sam to her side. She confronts Sam and makes lewd suggestion trying to have him…you know! Sam but can resist the advances and manages to walk away from the awkward situation. But Priscilla has her suspicions when she notices that he’s still standing at attention after meeting with her.

Ending “The Oval”:

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Barry wants to move past the Sharon’s cheating thing, and the only thing he has in mind is by ignoring that it ever happened. His own doings probably shake him. He previously drove his truck into Kareem’s pharmacy and accidentally shot his own father. He tells her that they should never talk about He also refuses to discuss whether he’s selling drugs on the side, which he is selling on the side.

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Remember the daughter of Barry who got taken away by a religious cult. Barry is going to confront them. He meets Ruth, and she explains that their daughter is with “The Highest.” Because she refuses to tell Barry anything more, he throws her in the back of his car and drives off. 

In the end, every character shows their true nature and their animal instincts. The two-part finale ends with some Richard and Nancy drama regarding Picky’s real father’s identity. Richard comes into his own animal behavior. This finale was pretty darn negative. There is a chance for a season 2 because the stories doesn’t seem to be entirely over yet, but you never know what happens in this TV world. The Oval is not a great show, but it’s an entertaining show.  




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