The Perfect Date: Ending Explained!

Netflix never backs down when it has a chance to make a cheesy Rom-Com of the new era. The Perfect Date is another addition to Netflix’s Romantic comedies portfolio. AND! yeah, I must say (even though I don’t want too) it’s pretty entertaining. Released last year starring the new heart-throb Noah Centineo (To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before), the movie became quite popular. Let’s look into the story and ending of this new addition to Netflix and it’s Romantic Comedies Renaissance movement. Yes, I said that!

The Perfect Date: Story and Ending

Noah Centineo plays Brooks Rattigan (Yup!). A boy who needs money to get into an Ivy League College if he wants to achieve his goal. So while working on a part-time job he learns that cousin of a guy needs an escort to dance and the guy is charging money to go to the dance. He is a business-minded person who jumps on the opportunity. He decides to take that job instead of being The Perfect Date.

Eventually, the business model takes off and Brook creates an app to expand. Which is very interesting to watch. The character of Brook, even though trying to be a good person seems a little dicey at times. As his business grows things happen which we sure were bound to happen.

The usual guilt and remorse and regret and trying to get back to THE girl. But the thing is with most romantic comedies we expect this stuff only the point is it should be done in the perfect way. This Movie- The Perfect Date, I’m happy to say succeed I doing…half of it. Yeah! 

Laura Marano plays Celia, the girl who Brooks (Noah Centineo) goes with. CC: Netflix

Brook tries getting his perfect girl and decides being someone else is not going to cut it. He decides to accept the offer to UConn and decides not to get o Yale. He makes up with his friend Murf and makes up with Celia (which is fun to watch).

In the End, Brooks goes with Celia than with Shelby. Thus it’s that who’s it story but with that different journey. If you are alone at home and a bunch of snacks are laying around, Netflix’s The Perfect Date might be your ideal choice of popcorn fun.

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