The Players on Netflix: Is It Good Enough?

The Players is an Italian comedy movie directed by Stefano Mordini, written by him and Stefano Mordini. It got released on Netflix on July 15, 2020, and is a remake of the 2012 French movie by the same name. Already with a lot of comedy films available is it worth the watch? Read on to know.

Plot Summary

The story of ‘ The Players’ revolves around 5 men who are cheating on their partners without any guilt of doing so. It is an adult comedy trying to normalize Infidelity and Womanizers. The story has many short instances that will leave you in self-doubt about the idea of ‘a happy marriage’.

The Players streaming now on Netflix.
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The Players: Is it Worth Watching?

From the beginning short of the film, it shows a couple at the airport traveling to the Maldives. Here the wife is suspecting her husband of cheating. Apparently, she has a glance at his phone and screams in shock which eventually proves the movie’s point.

Likewise, the movie has bits and parts where the females are suspecting their male partners of unloyalty and are proven right. This cycle of proven unfaithfulness is stuffed with comedy jokes to prove the levity of the situation.

Characters in ‘The Players’
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‘The Players’ is more of a collection of short sketches than a planned dramatic screenplay. Thus, the seriousness of the character development is missing. It portrays misogynists blatantly and trying to make it humorous to come out less offensive. The straightforward sexist nature of the film makes it a bit awkward for everyone to follow or like.

The only savior for the film is the acting by its two leads namely, Riccardo Scamarcio and Valerio Mastandrea. Due to their charisma, the switching over in different looks, costumes, and personas is appealing. In addition to that, their contribution to the movie’s comedy content is quite satisfactory.

So, in my opinion, ‘The Players’ is a strong portrayal of unfaithfulness and dishonesty between the married couples. If you are a strong feminist I would advise you to skip this movie. However, if you are looking forward to adult comedy and can normalize the idea of infidelity over humor you may give it a watch.

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