The Promise: What The Movie Is About?

The Promise is another Terry George movie based on genocide (Previously Hotel Rwanda). It is based on the Armenian genocide and it stars Oscar Issac and the magnificent Christian Bale. The movie came out in 2016 but has become a topic of discussion nowadays. The movie avoided many critical acclaims but it was overall a good story. Let’s look back at what the story of The Promise and the ending meant.

The Promise Ending Explained:

The story starts with Oscar Issac’s character Michael in 1914 an Armenian Apothecary who engages a girl in order to go study medicine with the money he will get from the dowry. There was a certain promise that he will return to his bride. But what happens when he reaches the big city, he falls for a girl named Ana. Ana is an Armenian tutor. Michael tries to flirt with her but Ana is also engaged to Chris played by Christian Bale.

Christian bale and Oscar Issac in The Promise

The story in the first half deals with the struggle between the Turks and the Armenians. During that Michael gets taken away to the concentration camp as all Armenian where being rounded up. There he witnesses the mass murder of many Armenian people. That’s the historic and emotional part of the story. But the story also revolves around the love triangle of Chris, Micheal, and Ann.

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The story of The Promise also follows the passionate Chris, who an American journalist is trying to expose the whole shenanigans. Micheal survives in the end though and adopts a child (without giving up too much for you). In the end, The story of The promise accurately portrays the historic part but makes the story sloppy adding the love triangle. But it’s an educational watch. It’s available on most of the OTT platforms. Give it a watch if you have time.

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