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The Protector Season 4: Will Hakan Save Istanbul?

The Protector is the first-ever Turkish Netflix original. The series has been a hit on the online streaming platform. The series has dropped the fourth and last installment. This Turkish drama builds its character from the starting and also leaves trails of hints.

Season 3 left several loose ends. But did last installment tie them up? Continue reading this post to know what happened to Hakan. SPOILERS AHEAD!


What Is The Protector All About?

The series is about a shopkeeper, Hakan Demir. His adoptive father owns a small artifact shop in the grand bazaar of Istanbul. But soon, his life turns upside-down after his father is shot dead, and he learns that he is the last heir of the Protector lineage.

After his father’s death, he learns about the talisman shirt, which gives special powers to the Protector, which is Hakan. He joins Kemal and his daughter Zeynep, who are the members of the Loyal Ones, a group which tries to keep Istanbul safe.

After joining The Loyal Ones, Hakan learns everything from Zeynep.
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He gradually learns about his birth parents, their death, and the Immortals. Throughout the series, we learn more about Hakan’s past and the Immortals’ true identity.

Everything Happened Till Season 3 Is Here

To know how it all went in Season 4, let’s have a small recap of all the three seasons before.

The first season focuses on Hakan’s search for the last Immortal, which in the end turns out to be Faysal Erdem. In an attempt to bring his wife, Rϋya, back to life with Hakan’s blood, he brought all of the other dead immortals back.

Season 2 focuses on Hakan’s attempt to stop the plan of action of the immortals to destroy Istanbul. In this season, we see many Loyal Ones lost their lives, and in the end, Istanbul is affected by a water-borne virus made by Rϋya and Okhan to destroy Istanbul.

As if the seven immortals were not enough for Hakan and the Loyal Ones, we learn about the Vizier, the most potent Immortal, in season 3. With the virus all around the city, Hakan and Zeynep tries to find more about the Vizier.

Nisan is the Vizier, the most powerful and the leader of the Immortals.
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This season ends with the big revelation of Nisan as the Vizier. She also made the vaccine for the virus with Faysal’s blood in it, which results in making every vaccine receiver an Immortal, including Zeynep. In the end, Hakan travels through time to become Harun, the first Protector, with the help of Vizier’s key.

Fate of Hakan and Zeynep Decided in the Last Season

With Hakan now in the past as Harun, there he learns that the murder of Vizier was planned up by Faysal as he couldn’t do it himself because of the curse. Also, as now Zeynep has become an immortal due to the “cure” made by Nisan, she obeys Faysal due to his blood in her veins.

After Vizier/Nisan discovers the role of Faysal in her past downfall, she and Okhan change sides and help Hakan in correcting the past. We also find that the immortals want to destroy Istanbul to return to their realm. Without Istanbul’s destruction, they can’t go back.

Faysal becomes the last Immortal to live as he didn’t consume the mortality potion.
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Back in the past, Harun/Hakan helps the Vizier to ensure that every immortal consumes the mortality potion. But Faysal recognized the drink and didn’t have it. He was alive from Harun’s time to the present. Faysal then confronts Hakan and tells him that he is Harun’s father. This means that Hakan is the descendant of Faysal. Hakan kills Faysal and also sacrificed himself to save Istanbul.

In the final moments, we see that Hakan is back to work at his grand bazaar shop. Also, Hakan and Zeynep are now together after having an on-and-off romance.

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