The Rain Season 3: The Conclusion Of The Series

The Rain is the first Dutch Netflix original streaming at full capacity worldwide. I think couldn’t have gained momentum at a better time than this. Netflix has provided a platform for such amazing content. Talking about the Rain it’s a show about a virus outbreak through rain that killed most of Scandinavia. Now you must understand why it is relevant. A Group of kids survived the outbreak and are now on a journey to a safe-land. Season 3 was just released on Netflix. let’s figure out what transpired during this 3rd installment of The Rain.

The Rain season 3: Ending Explained

Rasmus has decided to team up with Apollon’s nefarious leader Sten. Apollon’s leader Sten here knows that the virus that Rasmus houses cannot be destroyed. He has other plans with it like he wants to create other people like Rasmus and experiment on terminally-ill people. Simone reunites in all this with Rasmus but finds all his plans not good and jumps down a Dam to escape him.

Further, we see in The Rain – Rasmus becoming more dominant and killing Sten to take charge of Apollon. Now Martin is Simone’s beau. Martin thinks Simone died while making the escape so he participates in Rasmus’s plan. As soon as he discovers about Simone he tries going back to her but the situation makes him take the cure and die in order to keep Simone safe.

This brings us to the finale of The Rain. Now Rasmus is pissed that one of his subjects died due to her sister. He takes his squad and goes hunting for her sister. Simone decides the only way to be saved from his brother she has to inject him with the virus. But the plan fails as one of the henchmen falls into the trap set up by her. So now what happens?

In the end, Rasmus is confronted with Sarah and she makes Rasmus have a change of heart. By a lucky coincidence, the flower is grown by feeding on the virus, so Rasmus and Sarah sacrifice themselves by feeding the main flower, creating a huge blue implosion, and killing anyone else with the virus in the vicinity.

Still from season 3 of The Rain

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The conclusion:

Simone and team leave the area and hopes to save what’s left of humanity with the newfound cure of The Rain virus. Simone also thinks Rasmus did help to save the world despite anything. The show ends it’s 3 season run. The end is very relevant and heart touching and comes at good timing. All three seasons of The Rain are streaming on Netflix. 


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