The Rental By Dave Franco: Know What The Ending Means

The Rental directed by Debut director Dave Franco is a thriller story. With the reviews better than most actor-turned debut director’s movies, Rental is a good watch. The more amazing thing about this movie is that there is no supernatural element for the thrill. Made with the intricacies of human behavior, It stars Allison Brie, Dan Stevens, Jeremy White, and Sheila Vand. The Ending startled us a lot so as always we are here to discuss it. so let’s get to it.


The Rental Ending:

A pair of couples decide to get a weekend getaway and arrives at a weird Rental house in the Pacific Northwest coast. They booked it online so they had no idea who the owner of the house was spooky. When weird things start to happen they discover that the house is not what it seems (Not supernaturally).

So in the climax of The Rental what happened was when Taylor the house manager was called, there were some altercations regarding the camera found in the bathroom. This camera had recorded the infidelity of the couples (among themselves). This leads to Taylor getting badly beat up. Now what happens is the guests of the house find such a camera and listening devices all over the house.

Allison Brie in The Rental.
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In the very end, it was found that the Rental house was actually watched by a serial killer. He comes in and then first kills Taylor. When the others find out they are freaked out. But in a series of events (not to spoil everything for you), He starts to pick off everyone. Last we see the killer removing all the evidence of him ever being there at the house. He removes all the listening devices and cameras and everything.

In conclusion, The Rental was about the risks of getting into places without verification with the help of an internet site. How Dangerous it is and how vulnerable you. That’s what happened to the four guests of the Rental house.


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