The Resident will be premiering season four with the first episode soon. While the medical genre has been a little overused, this show is incredibly different in the realm. However, the realistic accuracy of the plots makes this not just another soap opera set in a hospital, but a very impressive drama. There’s not a lot of place given to flashy rom-com attractive poles in a show like this.

Fox Broadcasting Company will be banking a lot of confidence on this Medical-Drama. In these times with an ongoing pandemic at hand, it’s almost a certainty that people won’t want to see some sloppy representation of the healthcare sector. However, the makers of this one also uses artistic liberties in view of making an entertaining viewing experience.

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[Vince Foster, Matt Czuchry, and Manish Dayal in character for The Resident.]

When and Where Can We Watch The Resident’s Fourth Season Premiere?

The first episode of season four will be airing on January 12th, 2020. Meanwhile, FOX will be expecting higher ratings from the weekly 8:00 PM slot. On the evenings of Sunday, we’ll be getting a slice of the lives of healthcare workers during these tough times.

While the FOX Broadcasting will be holding out for the TV telecast, streaming services are also in the game. Hulu TV and DirecTV will be streaming the episodes of the show regularly in the US. However, for the fans of the show in India, Disney Plus will be the avenue for the show.

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[The Resident is all set to deal with the events around the virus outbreak in the real world.]

Thematic Plot and Future of “The Resident” Franchise:-

Amy Holden Jones, Hayley Schore, and Roshan Sethi are the men and women behind the creation of this successful series. Now, after three full seasons and sixty episodes, the show is setting its own legacy. This franchise will surely expand and create more and more seasons and is due for a long haul.

Rather than being the cheesy Doctor Rom-Com, this is a real representation of the healthcare system. The incredibly accurate portrayal of contemporary American healthcare driven by big money more than quality of care. Meanwhile, insurance plans determine the decisions and ugly cover-ups for disasters.

In times like these, a show like this covering a real-world issue will be an exciting watch. Everyone knows that the American healthcare workers really suffered during the pandemic, and still are. How the show chooses to portray is another story.

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