The Ring 2: Samara Continues To Chase Rachel

Following The Ring, the second installment of the franchise picked the story from where it left. The Ring 2 revolves around the back-story of Samara and her re-appearance. The movie continues to show the investigation of Rachel a little more into Samara’s existence.

Continuing our series of recaps of The Ring’s American franchise, now we have The Ring 2. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Are Rachel and Aiden Safe?

After the events of The Ring, Rachel and Aidan move to Astoria from Seattle. We see that Samara Morgan’s cursed videotape is now with Jake Pierce, a teenager in Astoria. On his seventh day, he shows the tape to Emily, her friend.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, thinking that he skipped the curse, Jake notices some weird black liquid coming out of the kitchen. As he rushed into the living room, he discovered that Emily didn’t watch the tape. Then he is killed by Samara.

While working with an editor, Max, she learns about the death of Jake. When she was inspecting Jake’s corpse, Samara appears to tell her that she’s been looking for her and want Rachel to be her mommy. Rachel then invades Jake’s house to burn the tape.

Samara then starts to possess Aidan after he had a nightmare of Samara dragging him into the television. Bruises appear on his arms, and he develops hypothermia. When Aiden clicked his pictures at a county fair, Samara also appears in them. After this incident, Aiden starts to behave, and Rachel realizes that she possessed him.

Now, both Rachel and Aiden are not safe alone, so they seek the help of Max and stay at his place. But all this was just a start of the end.

Rachel’s Investigation About Samara’s Back-story

When at Max’s house, Aiden telepathically sent some visions of Samara to Rachel when in sleep. The next Aiden is admitted to the hospital. These visions arise many questions about Samara’s past. Rachel then goes to the Morgan’s ranch, and there she finds Samara’s suitcase having some clues about her biological mother. Meanwhile, in the hospital, Samara completely possessed Aiden and took complete control of his body. Samara, there, forced a doctor through her powers to commit suicide.

Rachel then finds out that Samara’s biological mother was Evelyn, and she also tried to drown her when an infant. Afterward, she confessed that her child told to kill her and was later sent to a psychiatric hospital. Rachel visits her, and Evelyn said that she was expecting her. After a brief conversation, Evelyn tells Rachel’ listen to her baby.’

Samara possessed Aidan and returns home to see Rachel.
Image: IMDb

What Happened to Aiden and Samara at the end of The Ring 2?

Without the knowledge of Rachel, possessed Aidan returns home. As Max arrives back, he senses something’s off with Aidan. He tries to click his pictures and sees Samara in them. Samara then kills Max. After a while, Rachel returns home, and she too finds Aiden out-of-character.

While Rachel slept, Aidan again talks to her and asks her to exorcise Samara to make her leave his body. She then drugs the possessed Aiden and slightly drowns him in the bathtub. As soon as she submerges his body in water, Samara leaves his body and then appears inside the TV.

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Samara now drags Rachel with her inside the television, ultimately into the well where Samara died. There she realizes that the well is always partially open, which lets out Samara into their world. She then climbs the well’s walls with Samara behind her. Rachel escapes the well and successfully closed the well.

Rachel then wanders into the woods to find a way out, only to hear Aiden’s voice. She then remembers Evelyn’s words to follow her baby’s voice. As she followed Aiden’s voice, she reached the cliff where Samara’s adoptive mother, Anna Morgan, committed suicide. Rachel looks down into the water and then jumps off the cliff. Because of this, she returns to the real world with Aidan by her side.

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