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The Ring (2002): What is Rachel and Aiden’s fate?

The Ring is a Japanese-American horror film. The movie is followed by two sequels, The Ring Two and Rings. The appearance of the antagonist of the movie, Samara Morgan, is somewhat similar to that of The Grudge series. Her appearance is of a girl wearing a white dress with long black hair that covers her face. The mystery residing in it keeps you wanting more and also throws you into a panic. She possesses the power of burning images onto surfaces and into the minds of others, which can drive you crazy.

Here we have a series of recaps of The Ring’s American franchise to refresh your minds with a horror-mist. Starting with its first installment, we feature The Ring in this post. This is where it all starts. SPOILERS AHEAD!

The Ring- The Beginning of the Curse

The movie opens with the death of Katie, who watched a cursed videotape along with some of her friends, which kills its viewer seven days later. Ruth, Katie’s mother, asks her sister Rachel to look into her unexpected and unnatural death. At Katie’s funeral, we learn that Katie and all her other friends who watched the tape, died on the same night. Apart from this similarity, they all had their faces disfigured.

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Rachel watched the videotape at the Shelter Mountain Inn.
Image: IMDb

She then went to the cabin in the woods, named Shelter Mountain Inn, where the group watched the tape. At the reception, she finds that anonymous videotape. In the same cabin, she watches the videotape containing some bizarre and disturbing images. As she finished the tape, she received a call from an anonymous girl who whispered, “7 days.”

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The next day, she seeks the help of Noah, her ex-boyfriend, and the father of their son, Aidan. She then makes a copy of the tape. READ IT AGAIN! This is something significant in The Ring. Aidan also watched the tape.

What Does the Tape Do and How is it Cursed?

After watching the tape, Rachel, Noah, and Aiden starts to witness supernatural events, and a young girl with wet hair haunts them. This girl is Samara Morgan, the adopted daughter of Anna Morgan, who committed suicide by jumping off a cliff.

While investigating about the tape, she learns that Samara possessed some supernatural powers. Her powers were so strong that she burned images in Anna’s mind, which drove her crazy. Her husband, Richard, believed that Samara was possessed. Even doctors were unable to recognize her power to burn images on objects. He then kept Samara in the barn alone, and while on vacation at the Shelter Mountain, Anna killed her.

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Anna Morgan killed her adopted daughter, Samara Morgan.
Image: IMDb

In the end, we see Rachel and Noah getting back to the Shelter Mountain Inn cabin. They find the well similar to that in the tape under the floorboard. While trying to open the well, Rachel fell into the well.

Inside it, she gets a vision of how Anna suffocated Samara near the well and then threw her in it. Anna then committed suicide. Samara survived inside the well for “seven days.” This is the reason why the person dies after seven days of watching the tape.

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Rachel also finds Samara’s remains inside the well.
Image: IMDb

They also find Samara’s corpse and eventually buried it. As Rachel survived the seventh day, they think that the curse is gone. But Noah dies the next day. Rachel tries to calculate what she did, which Noah didn’t. And that one thing was making a copy of the tape. She made a copy of the tape after showing it to Noah. That’s how the curse stops.

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At last, she taught Aiden to make a copy for himself. Rachel realizes that the evil will never get destroyed or stopped. It will always pass from one to another, just like ‘The Ring.’

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