The Secret: Dare to Dream: Movie’s Sweet Ending

The Secret: Dare to Dream‘ is an American drama film directed by Andy Tennant. It is based on the book ‘The Secret‘ by Rhonda Byrne. It got released through Video on Demand on July 31, 2020.

The Secret: Dare to Dream: Synopsis

The lead protagonist of the movie is Miranda Wells played by Katie Holmes. She is a widow and a mother of three children who she raises on her own. Hence, in spite of the arduous working lifestyle, they have to spend money frugally and face tightfistedness. However, things change when she meets Bray Johnson played by Josh Lucas. He surrounds her life with positive vibes and high optimism which she and her family needed the most.

The Secret: Dare to Dream: Ending Explained

Miranda is in a toxic relationship with Tucker, who is her boss at the seafood restaurant she works in. Day after day, problems tend to line up in her life and play the domino effect. For instance, she needs money to undergo a root canal operation, her house gets hit by a storm, she hits a stranger’s truck causing damage to her front bumper.

However, this stranger turns out to be Bray Johnson, who was already in search of her. He tends to help her with her bumper and house damage for free. In addition to that, Bray becomes that ray of sunshine that Miranda’s whole family needed in their lives. He motivates them and makes them believe in the power of positive thinking and an optimistic approach towards life.

Miranda and Bray in the The Secret: Dare to Dream
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Who is Bray actually?

In the movie ‘The Secret: Dare to Dream’, Bray reveals to Miranda that he was the survivor of the plane crash which killed her husband. Bray wanted to give her the due credit for her husband’s invention which he revealed to the world. Surviving that plane crash, changed his approach towards life completely. Since then, he started inculcating faith and hope even in the worst situations and hardships of life.

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At the end of ‘The Secret: Dare to Dream’, Miranda pays off her debt with the profit share Bray gives her. She also finds a new home for her family. She realizes that she was only in a relationship with Tucker due to her insecure future. Upon realization, she calls off her dependable and namesake engagement with him. She realizes the value and miraculous effects of Bray in her life. He helped her become an independent, positive, and confident woman who embraces life now.

Thus, the movie ‘The Secret: Dare to Dream’ has the sweetest possible ending where Bray and Miranda acknowledge their feelings for each other.

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