The series 100 is going to end at its seventh season??

The series 100 is going to end with its last season, that is, the seventh season. The series has gathered a vast big fanbase, and with all the love and support they received for all the seasons, the producers may come up with the possibility of a prequel.

The prequel of the series is going to take place after the series finishes the seventh and final season of 100.

The spinoff series is going to have a great plot; The producers haven’t disclosed much on the spinoff series. The spinoff may or may not take place. The series is going 97 years back to lay the foundation of the prequel series, and this is going to affect the series.

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About the series :

Network: Netflix

IMDb Rating:7.7/10

genre: science fiction

Cast of Prequel of 100

There is no news or information about the form and other details about the plot. But one thing we can say is something big is cooking up, and we expect it to be even more significant than the original series.

There was a lot of news regarding the series to continue even after seven seasons. Still, eventually the producers confirmed that there is no further extension after the seventh season, and the producers officially declare it.

The series was running on a great plot, so any kind of extension might put a risk to its rating because it will be an unnecessary stretch to the series.

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So the producers and  Rothenberg thought of doing something different, and we may see that in the form of a spinoff series. The reason behind this prequel is to present the same story but in a different frame of reference and will save the parent series and will let the fans stick to the screen.

The producers, no doubt, are coming up with a unique solution. And for those who have yet not watched the series 100, what are you all waiting for go binge-watch it !!


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