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The Simpsons Celebrated 25th Anniversary Of Who Shot Mr. Burns?

The 25th Anniversary of “Who Shot Mr Burns?” was commemorated by The Simpsons on Fox today. Writer Bill Oakley has shared the milestone on the social media platform, Twitter, and the fans were pumped to trip back down the memory lane. The premiere of the seventh season drew a ton of eyeballs back in the year 1995 as the country tuned in to see the resolution of the mystery that lingered over the summer. Bill Oakley has had to talk about this episode a lot in the past, and the fans hold it dear for how zany the entire setup is.

The Simpsons
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For all of those who do not know about the whole story, the whole premise is a comedic take on “Who Shot J.R.?” plot by Dallas. There was a phone line to call in and a website in the early days of the Internet. It is a true pop culture forebearer to their current moment of the fan theorizing in a lot of ways.

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The writer made some of the comments about the social media phenomenon of so many clips from the show proving to be prophetic in some form or fashion. He is not buying it for the most of the part.

The Simpsons Celebrated 25th Anniversary of Who Shot Mr Burns?

Oakley began and said that he don’t like it being used for the nefarious purposes, and the idea that anyone misappropriates it to make COVID-19 seem like an Asian plot is terrible.

In terms of trying to place the blame on Asia and she thinks that is gross. He believe the most antecedent to Osaka Flu was the Hong Kong flu of the year 1968. It was supposed to be a quick joke about how the flu got here.

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The Simpsons
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He continued that it was meant to be absurd that someone could cough into a box and the virus would survive for about six to eight weeks in the box, and it is cartoonish. They intentionally made it cartoonish because they wanted it to be silly and not scary, and not carry any of these bad associations along with it, which is the reason why the virus itself was acting like a cartoon character and behaving in the extremely unrealistic ways.

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Oakley added that there are very few cases where The Simpsons predicted something. It is mainly just coincidence because the episodes are so old that history repeats itself.

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