The Sleepover: Another Over-Hyped Project By Netflix?

‘The Sleepover’ is a 2020 American action drama film released on the online streaming platform Netflix on August 21, 2020. It is directed by Trish Sie and written by Sarah Rothschild. It stars Sadie Stanley, Maxwell SimkinsMalin Åkerman, Ken Marino, and Joe Manganiello. Read on to know more details about the movie’s plot and its review!

The Sleepover: Plot

‘The Sleepover’ movie revolves around a family and the drama they cause in their mundane lives. Two children Clancy and Kevin have Margot as their mother. She is mundane and strict as she does not allow Clancy to have a personal phone yet. Their father, Ron owns a bakery. One fine night, Kevin’s friend Lewis comes for a sleepover at his place. Also, Clancy manages to attend a party and abandons her home for that night.

Things go topsy-turvy as someone breaks into their house and kidnaps their parents. As the story advances in ‘The Sleepover,’ we realize that Margot is far from being a normal strict parent. Instead, she has a shocking and complicated past life which their children are unaware of. She has been a master thief in the past. With clueless Ron in tow, Margot is forced to perform one last big heist with her former partner and ex-flame, Leo. Clancy and Kevin with the help of their two friends, Mim and Lewis try reaching their parents.


Movie Review: Stream it or Skip it?

‘The Sleepover’ has an amazing young cast, which is probably the only great thing about it. The kids’ characters and their reflex responses to situations seem refreshing and it will keep you smiling. The young kid’s banter and humor will definitely crack you up! The story transits between the children’s actions and the adults, which is not so promising or fun-entertaining.

Basically, there’s Nothing Super Exciting to watch.

The storyline of the movie ‘The Sleepover’ is banal and very predictable. It’s not something you have never seen before or something which will swipe you off your imagination. The movie lacks elements of surprises and hence might fail to keep you intrigued. The genre is described as ‘action drama‘ but it clearly fails to develop good action sequences. Already a lot of action films have raised the bar quite high and thus this film is a huge disappointment in this department. The movie’s struggle between the different genres of teen comedy, action-thriller, or a heist movie fails to establish a well-scripted and executed category.

The family in The Sleepover
Source: Netflix

Thus, if you don’t have pending movies in your bucket-list, you may give ‘The Sleepover’ a watch. Its a one time watch, basic drama film which you can watch to actually pass your time. No exciting twists or turns and no suspense building gives you no good reason to spend 100 minutes on a banal storyline. In my opinion, you can skip it. However, if you have convoluted your mind by watching serious and complex series, you may give it a watch for light-hearted drama. For a family-friendly audience who avoids huge violence or adult comedy, it is quite a resort. It will keep you mildly entertained and you can spend quite some family time together while watching it.

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