The Sleepover: Know Its Simplified Ending

‘The Sleepover’ is a 2020 American action drama film released on the online streaming platform Netflix on August 21, 2020. It is directed by Trish Sie and written by Sarah Rothschild. It stars Sadie Stanley, Maxwell SimkinsMalin Åkerman, Ken Marino, and Joe Manganiello. Read on to know more details about the movie’s plot and its ending. Spoilers ahead!

The Sleepover: Plot

‘The Sleepover’ movie revolves around a family and the drama they cause in their mundane lives. Two children Clancy and Kevin have Margot as their mother. She is mundane and strict as she does not allow Clancy to have a personal phone yet. Their father, Ron owns a bakery. One fine night, Kevin’s friend Lewis comes for a sleepover at his place. Also, Clancy manages to attend a party and abandons her home for that night.

Things go topsy-turvy as someone breaks into their house and kidnaps their parents. As the story advances in ‘The Sleepover,’ we realize that Margot is far from being a normal strict parent. Instead, she has a shocking and complicated past life which their children are unaware of. She has been a master thief in the past. With clueless Ron in tow, Margot is forced to perform one last big heist with her former partner and ex-flame, Leo. Clancy and Kevin with the help of their two friends, Mim and Lewis try reaching their parents.


Margot’s History Revealed in The Sleepover

Ron gets his life’s biggest shock when two kidnappers break into their home and do a revelation. Margot in reality is a Canadian, and she had a mysteriously dark past. She worked under Jean-Paul who worked for a crime syndicate and make money by stealing priceless possessions. However, this was an old chapter in Margot’s life book. She decided to start afresh abandoning that dangerous life. In order to do so her fiancee and also her partner-in-crime, Leo helped her getting Jean behind the bars. Hence, they both agreed to start new lives. Eventually, Margot met Ron and fell in love with him.

All these years, Margot believed that Leo must have been in witness protection and would have moved on in his life just like her. But the truth was different. As Jean was put behind the bars, Leo stood up to fill the incomplete void in the gang. After all these years, now, Leo planned to steal a priceless crown. He realized that the robbery can not be carried out successfully unless he has Margot included with them. Thus, he sent his man to abduct Margot and make her part of this plan.

How did Leo trace Margot?

As mentioned in the beginning, Margot was a strict mother and she did not give a cellphone to her daughter. The real reason was being covered and protecting herself and her family. She wanted to save them from the possible danger which may arise due to her past. She did so by not coming into public in any manner. However, once Margot is captured along with her son Kevin in a video. Leo saw that video on Youtube and hence planned for her kidnapping. He wanted her back in the business unaware of the fact that Margot had happily moved on ahead in her life.

The kids in THE SLEEPOVER Courtesy: Netflix

The Sleepover: Ending Explained

Clancy and Kevin try their best to save their parents from the dreadful grasp. Following all the clues left by their mother, they arrive at the gala accompanied by Lewis, and Min. Kevin acts on his nerves and tries to realize what’s happening. Clancy is successful in distracting the security. The rest take over to the main stage. All this time in the chaotic situation, Leo, Ron, and Margot are able to steal the crown.

However, after the robbery, Leo’s true intentions are revealed. He plans on framing Margot for the robbery and wishes to take the looted money with him. But, due to the cooperation and cumulative efforts of the family, they get Leo arrested and jailed.

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Thus in the final moments of ‘The Sleepover’, we find Lewis and Kevin achieving their high-five. Lewis has a seld realization and motivation to get out of his comfort zone. Clancy manages to tell her parents about her desire to study in Boston. The family is reunited with emotions. They head back to their house, hoping things to actually get normal this time.

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