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The Society season 2 release date,

Production on The Society season 2, gonna in 2019. It was then with new episodes expected to air in 2020. Season 1, was on the air last May. ut it remains to be seen whether the upcoming installment will follow the same pattern.

The Society, Netflix
The Society season 2

The Society season 2 cast and Characters,

The majority of the key players were alive and kicking when the first chapter wrapped up. This probably means we would expect the following to all make a comeback, as follows-

  • Allie aka Kathryn Newton,
  • Will aka Jacques Colimon,
  • Campbell aka Toby Wallace,
  • Becca aka Gideon Adlon,
  • Sam aka Sean Berdy,
  • Harry aka Alex Fitzalan,
  • Kelly aka Kristine Froseth,
  • Helena aka Natasha Liu Bordizzo,
  • Elle aka Olivia DeJonge,
  • Gordie aka José Julián,
  • Bean aka Salena Qureshi,
  • Luke aka Alex MacNicoll,
  • Grizz aka Jack Mulhern,
  • Clark aka Spencer House,
  • Jason aka Emilio Garcia-Sanchez,
  • Gwen aka Olivia Nikkanen and
  • Lexie aka Grace Victoria Cox.
The Society, Netflix
The Society season 2

Chatting to Glamour about why the role of Allie appealed to her, Newton said: “It is very rare to find characters that are not stereotypes for teenagers. I feel like Chris Keyser had it all on the page. later, he also adds,

“I thought that this figure was going to be difficult for me to play. She is very dark. I thought it would be fun to do something different. I had just done some parody and Blockers.I wanted to try and create this character and see if I can do it.”

The Society
The Society season 2

The Society season 2 plot and the probable foretells,

In the 1st season, the reality they were living in was not their own but a parallel universe. At the end of the first installment, they were still very much trapped there. Probably, they figure out how to get home.Meanwhile, the final scene took the audience back to the regular West Ham,

There was a plaque on the cliff which read “We remember them”. There were also all of the names of the missing teenagers. But it’s not clear if they understood what had happened to their children, or not.

The Society, Netflix
The Society season 2

According to Showrunner Keyser, “We do not have it all worked out, but we have lots of beliefs about where we want to go. We are on our own special cliffhanger right now.

“I think that it’s an extensive cast, no one comes in from the boundary, those alliances and power-sharing all variation and there are lots of places to go. In some well the whole world is open to us, these kids are in their memory world. I don’t just mean the politics of it, but the relationships, all of that stuff.

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