The Sparrow Academy: Is It The Bizarro Umbrella Academy?

The Umbrella academy season 2 showed us some different colors than the first season. One of those wonderful colors was The Sparrow Academy. Now there are many speculation around the subject but it’s safe to say no one has any idea whatsoever what implication it would have on the future of the show. Some might say it would be like the comics. Some suggest it would create a superman-Bizzaro superman like situation. Nothing can said for sure but we have also a very plausible explanation about the new academy. check it out.

The Sparrow Academy What it means:

The five tried hard to prevent the disaster of a new apocalypse while Diego tried preventing the assassination of JFK. The Umbrella Academy returned to their father in the past for guidance. Now Reginald obviously had no idea what was happening. When they met, Reginald was massively dissapointed in the result of his future experiment. He showed his disappointment very obviously and due to that Diego revealed to Reginald’s partner the truth about his involvement in JFK’s assassination.

Now this created a chain of events where Reginald decides to not create an inferior Umbrella academy. Hence in 2019 we have the The Sparrow Academy.

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Now what exactly has changed? there is a new version of Ben was its primary member. In the previous timeline, Ben was revealed to have died during a mission in 2006. Instead of going into the light, however, he chose to remain with Klaus and watch over the rest of his family. So The Sparrow Academy has made sure that Ben stays alive.

The other change there is that, now there is no imminent threat of the apocalypse. The team have fixed that and the new chain of events are not affected by that. The new members of The Sparrow Academy are stronger, maybe because Reginald just decided to be stronger than the Umbrella academy. We can attribute that to the new information provided to him.

So what will happen next?

“Still from the past”
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The obvious fact is that when the Umbrella academy returned to the future they were expected. Reginald knew they were coming back. This time he does not see them as children but they seem like a failure to him. Also he might think of them as possible threat. So The Sparrow academy and The Umbrella academy are going to be at odds in the 3rd season. No it’s not a bizarro situation but it certainly is an interesting situation. The Umbrella Academy Season 2 is streaming on Netflix right now.


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