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The Tax Collector: Mysterious Wizard In The End Revealed

The Tax Collector‘ is a 2020 American action-crime movie by David Ayer. It has intriguing action sequences with a thrilling storyline. Read on to know the movie plot and its ending. Spoilers ahead!

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The Tax Collector: Synopsis

The movie revolves around the main lead David, who along with his friend Creeper, works as ‘tax collectors’ for a crime lord named Wizard. Their work usually involves physical and violent methods to collect a 30% cut of the profits from the local drug gangs. However, the story takes a twist when Conejo, a cruel merciless gangster returns to L.A. and asks them to work for him. He makes life tough for David in order to compel him to work for him. But David, however difficult the circumstances be, never turns his back to the Wizard.

The Tax Collector: Ending Explained

As the movie progresses, Conejo gives David multiple opportunities to become his ally. He also kills David’s uncle in order to show him what he is capable of doing and up to what extent. Furthermore, Conejo kills Creeper, David’s long term friend and partner in business. Not only this, but he also kills David’s wife Alexa, whom David loves dearly and kidnaps his children.

In the final moments of the movie ‘The Tax Collector’, David seeks the help of a small group of old blood gangsters. They help him rescue his children and he successfully kills Conejo ultimately reestablishes his power on the streets.

Still from The Tax Collector
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The movie portrays David as a ruthless crime worker but also shows how innately he loved his wife, children, and family members. There is an enigma since the beginning of how David came into this crime world or who forced him to be the way he is. Deep down, he was a man of honor and even his rival gangsters always respected him.

On the other hand, the movie shows how Conejo is a devil both personally and professionally. There is a scene where he performs a demonic ritual with human and animal sacrifice. Hence, the shows how both Conejo and David might work under similar circumstances but their inherent morals and values were very different.

Who is the Wizard?

The film ‘The Tax Collector’ reveals a shocking thing in its closing moments. David calls the jailed drug lord David, who tells him that they are the same. The biggest mystery is that Wizard is none other but David’s father! Earlier we had instances which showed how they never shared just a crime-boss and his underling relationship.

Thus, we realize that David did not enter the crime world for money or fame. He had to embrace the legacy his father started even though he was genuinely a decent person. David had to choose this for the sake of inheritance which eventually cost him his wife, close friend, and his uncle.

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