The Top 10 Shameless Moments From The Show!

The final round of debauchery in Shameless Season 11 is finally here, and the characters are getting into their last sips of madness. Here are the top ten hilarious moments from the show.

  • The Time When the Milkoviches did dig a Grave in the Front Yard of Mary Kay Letourneau Stand-In

When Lip Gallagher discovered that a kid predator lived in the neighborhood, he set up one of the best gags of Shameless by gathering an eclectic posse of otherwise isolated factions to kick this guy’s ass.

  • The Time when Debbie Gallagher Got Pregnant to Keep a Guy

Debbie Gallagher had a really rough childhood. Fiona did her way best as the older sister, even trying also to play den mother, but she really could not give Debbie the type of attention she needed or the family life she craved. 

  • When Debbie Saved the House by Accusing her Cousin Patrick of Molestation

When the series began, Debs was the loving and caring younger Gallagher sister who only wanted Frank to spend even more TimeTime in the house, and maybe who wanted Frank to have a Great Aunt Ginger around to bake them cookies. 

  • The Time Frank Tries to Ruin the wedding of Fiona/ His Kids Try to Kill Him?

What Frank Gallagher did on the day of the wedding of his daughter saved her a lot of pain. He had discovered her husband-to-be Sean was an addict who had relapsed and was still going to marry her.

Shameless Top Moments
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  • When Sheila is coaxed into Killing Mother of Frank

Death is part of the circle of everyone’s life. And if that particular life is as rotten as it was of Gammy Gallagher, then we might be more than ready to close that circle early. 

The Top 10 Shameless Moments From The Show

  • When the Gallaghers Kidnap “Aunt Ginger” From the nursing home of Veronica

The good thing about the patients of Alzheimer’s is they can keep some damn big secrets: like being kidnapped or dressed as a long-dead Ginger Gallagher.

  • When Mandy Facilitated the Accident of Karen

Nothing says love like attempted murder for the Milkovich family. So Mandy must have loved Lip because she did it twice.

  • Frank Calls DCFS on His Kids

Another line was crossed in Season 3, and it revealed the true awfulness of Frank’s parenting skills. 

Shameless Top Moments
Image Source – EW
  • When Frank Pretends to Be a Boyfriend to His Daughter

Most people would do anything to survive when diagnosed with cancer, the harrowing fight. But Frank is not most people, as he does them all one better

  • When Frank Lied About the Transplant of Dottie and then Broke Her Heart

Yes, the most brazen, lowdown, and high-handed action came early in the second season in a moment that feels like it was paid back by the karma of the Universe in season 4.

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