The Umbrella Academy Season 2 All The Unanswered Questions!

The Umbrella academy season 2 is out now. The last episode “End of Something” with the rest 9 episodes are on Netflix. So much to discuss the new addition to the popular show. There are questions about the Sparrow Academy. Also questions about Hargreeves’ siblings and their screw-ups. There are questions about, what happened to Ben and Lila. So many questions! So let’s go ahead and discuss them.

The Umbrella Academy: Ending Explained

What happened in the end was, the Hagreeeves siblings found a time-traveling briefcase and came back to the present or they thought they did. They came back to a place they thought was the Umbrella Academy but as they looked more around the different things suggested otherwise. Then what is this new place? It’s the Sparrow academy!

Well, what exactly is the sparrow academy? According to the comic strips, we can tell that it’s an organization that helped the Umbrella Academy once and the leader of which is named no. 1 like Luther. It’s a different world out there. People better than what we have around here.

Another important plotline in The Umbrella Academy is, what happened to Ben and Lila. So Ben has now learned to possess bodies and the old Ben we know is no more. Ben enters Vanya’s body in Episode 9 in a last-ditch attempt to stop her from causing another doomsday. There will be a new Ben though in the new timeline.

Still of Ellen Page on “The Umbrella Academy”
Courtesy: Netflix

As for Lila…Um! She is lost. After she escaped in time, in the finale of season 2. we see her adopted mother getting killed and then Diego his on/off boyfriend trying to recruit her using one of the Commission’s briefcases.

The new guy sir Reginald also released certain substances in the air. Those substances are suspected to have given the siblings their abilities. It will fun to discover what happens with that element of the story. The Umbrella Academy season 3 is set up for a more exciting run. Let’s wait and watch.

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