The Vampire Diaries: Why Season 2 Was The Best Out Of Eight

Throughout its eight seasons, CW’s The Vampire Diaries operated in new and interesting directions. However, regardless of some fantastic moments in later seasons, the exhibit peaked in The Vampire Diaries Season 2, when it dropped more bodies than The Ripper and took characters each new and ancient in interesting directions.

Here’s why The Vampire Diaries Season two — which noticed the Originals/Mikaelsons take core stage — stays the show’s fantastic outing.

The Originals

The Vampire Diaries Season two noticed the introduction of the Originals, who are the first vampires, and rapidly made all and sundry else on the exhibit seem completely out of their depth. Within his first 15 minutes on screen, Elijah Mikaelson slapped the head off a historical and effective vampire and eliminated a stake from his personal heart. Later, when Klaus Mikaelson entered, he proved himself equally as deadly, and the exhibit mounted that the Originals have been no longer a team with which to be trifled.

“Klaus” – Daniel Gillies as Elijah, Nina Dobrev as Catherine and Joseph Morgan as Klaus in THE VAMPIRE DIARIES
Image: CW

The Originals’ introduction additionally labored to similarly flesh out Katherine, presenting a tragic backstory that defined the evil of which she used to be capable. This helped supply Katherine a richer motivation and led to higher storytelling for the sequence as a whole. Overall, the Originals have been the first-class villains The Vampire Diaries ever had, and no one who got here after matched them.

Image: CW

Characters Grow In The Vampire Diaries Season 2

Very early into Season 2, Caroline grew to be a vampire, in the end making her section of the principal storyline. This transformation helped Caroline develop the previous antiquated dumb-blonde stereotype in Season 1 and grow to be a widespread participant in the story. Season two additionally did something comparable for Tyler Lockwood when he was once printed as a werewolf. Even although he by no means grew to be as imperative as Caroline, the chance of a werewolf supplied credibility to the hype around an authentic hybrid lurking around somewhere.

Despite the whole lot that used to be going on in the show’s 2nd season, The Vampire Diaries additionally furnished some actual boom for Damon and Bonnie. In the first season, Damon used to be something of a brooding 0.33 wheel. However, Season two modified him into an energetic participant in the goings-on around him. This time around, Damon had a purpose, and he wasn’t searching to keep back. For her part, Bonnie spent a lot of time discovering herself in Season 2, turning herself into anyone who may want to take down the Mikaelsons if want be. Season two places each of them via the grinder and they come out higher on the different side.

The Vampire Diaries Season two additionally fleshed out the show’s human characters alternatively of the use of them as props. This sooner or later labored in the show’s choice and resulted in some relatively huge deaths. Rose died to show werewolves had been dangerous, main to a dream sequence that used to be as haunting as beautiful. John, for this part, tragically sacrificed himself to retailer Elena. Finally, Aunt Jenna died a sadistic, cruel, and heartbreaking dying at Klaus’s fingers that healthy flawlessly with the sequence whilst making viewers choose to see him pay for his crimes.

The Vampire Diaries Season two was once stuffed with high-quality twists. Nearly each episode had a cliffhanger, and the twists and turns have been honestly shocking. Every personality labored their angle, and it all matches together. Season two had the thriller of a supernatural thriller and many moments that made it so human and tragic. The Vampire Diaries used to be the show’s drama at its absolutely fantastic and remained a fundamental motive Season two is the series’ first-class outing.

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