The Vanished Review and Paul and Wendy’s Ending.

The Vanished is another release of this August in the new post-pandemic movie wave. The movie is a mystery/thriller written and directed by Peter Facinelli. Some people were satisfied with the thrilling drama while some believe that it didn’t live up to their expectations. Well, in this post, we’ll take you through the movie and especially the ending for you to decide what you feel about it. So, dive in!

Here’s what the movie description said, “A family vacation takes a terrifying turn when a couple discovers their young daughter has vanished without a trace. Stopping at nothing to find her, their desperate search for the truth leads to a shocking revelation.” You can see some Gone Baby Gone kinda vibe, but it’s nothing like it. Before I totally reject the movie, let’s lake a look at the plot and story.

The Vanished (2020): Plot Details.

The couple on a vacation are having fun with their ten-year-old daughter. Tragedy happens when their daughter Taylor goes missing from their RV campsite. Wendy and Paul, the couple, try to find the daughter with the police’s help but mostly embark on their own investigation. In the pursuit of the truth, they find some disturbing facts, and that shall haunt them forever.  

Paul and Wendy – The Vanished (2020)
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When Wendy and Paul snuck out at night on the campsite, they roamed the site to find Taylor. Instead, they found an injured camper, which they thought was the Kidnapper Wendy in the heat of the moment kills him, but it turns out he was innocent. Wendy and Paul keep on suspecting all the campers around them. This creates a series of alarming events from the part of Wendy and Paul.

The Paranoia:

We see Paul and Wendy go completely nuts in the pursuit of their daughter. When the campsite is out searching for Taylor with the police, Paul and Wendy goes into their campsite and tries to go through their stuff cause they suspect them. At this very moment, we see the couple stoop into paranoia. It makes us doubt their sanity and rightly so. 

Another surprising part of the story would be when Paul and Wendy took a couple of boating. The couple had no idea what was about to happen. They were interrogated at the lake, and again we see Paul and Wendy’s paranoia at its height. The argument gets heated, and the psychos ends up killing the campsite couple.

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Wendy near the Lake -The Vanished
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Ending Revelation:

The police also had their own investigation going on. The big main twist for the movie that I o not agree with came along when the police decided to investigate the couple. The started digging through their past and their campsite and RV. They found a photo of Paul and Wendy in front of the twin tower (WTC). Now it’s a simple math that, that photo was taken before 2001 that was before 9/11, and it must be around 18-20 years old. But here’s the catch Wendy is pregnant in the photo.

The investigator suspects this and calls Paul’s brother to find out about another older child’s possibility. Paul’s brother tells the investigator that Taylor had died years ago when she was ten, and Paul and Wendy have since dealt with grief making stories. So they did go mad in all this. This part of the story was meant to give you the aha! Moment but seriously, who would take that as a severe plotline. That a couple together went nuts and is play acting for years. That possibility seemed a little improbable, but the lousy line of direction made it even worse to digest.

The Vanished Conclusion/Review

I personally found it hilarious to watch as the couple murdered people and the insanity they showed together. The initial few minutes of the movie gives some different indication of where this movie was going while the last practically said – Ha fooled ya! The couple leaves the campsite and decides to accept fate and moves on. Paul throws away all the old drawings made my Taylor while Wendy is grief-stricken. In the very last few frames, we see them watching old tapes of Taylor, which suggests that they went back to that mental state again. I mean either show us a total nut or sane murderer, juggling like this made it even harder to grab their mental state. 

What felt like some genuinely heartfelt moments were just a hoax and not even very cleverly put too. Honest to god, why would you mess up a decent premise like this. 

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