The Vision Of Escaflowne: Recap Of Episode 15 And 16

The Vision Of Escaflowne Episode 15 and 16 were really amazing. They took the story to whole another level. In case if you missed it, then don’t worry. This article has the full summary of Episode 15 And 16.

The Vision Of Escaflowne: Summary

In The Vision Of Escaflowne anime’s, the last couple of episodes were mostly about living through wartime. Both Van and Dilandau are struggling with battle events in their own way. In the sixteenth episode, we saw that Dilandau was not so much born as created.

The Vision Of Escaflowne
Source: Crunchyroll

His hunger for battle and bloodshed was perhaps surgically implanted. This way, he will be better for Zaibach’s needs. However, a scared little girl’s vision inside him still remains a mystery. Someone must have altered some parts of him that transformed him into a monster he is now.

In episode 15’s beginning, we saw Van killing his subordinates. Van gets shaken by his own actions and he very nearly allows himself to die alongside his victims. Hitomi enters his subconscious only to find him walking in a gruesome parade of the deadheaded for the afterlife. Hitomi tries very hard to bring him out and finally succeeds. Eventually, Van starts falling for Hitomi but he overcomes his feeling as a family is more important for him.

The Vision Of Escaflowne
Source: Crunchyroll

What Happens Now?

“Family” is starting to take a salient theme for The Vision of Escaflowne. Allen’s father was some sort of pseudo-Victorian explorer searching for Gaea’s version of Shangri-la. Allen’s dad eventually meets Hitomi’s grandmother. Hitomi’s friends are more freaked out by her disappearance from her mother. This is because her own mother had an isekai experience she wasn’t quiet about.

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We think that going further, the story will solidify Van and Hitomi as a couple. To do this, they will link Van and Hitomi somehow. Allen’s dad is probably Hitomi’s grandfather. Allen himself had a secret baby with Millerna’s sister Marlene. This justifies things for Hitomi’s mom to have been a secret Schezar baby herself.

There’s still more to what meets the eyes. More details will be revealed soon. Until then, say tuned and keep reading!





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