The Walking Dead: Creator Gives Hope That Connie Is Alive!

The Walking Dead is at a very exciting point right now. Every episode ends on a thrilling cliff-hanger. The series’ showrunner just gave out some big news! The series’ fans have neither seen Connie’s hide or hair since February’s “Squeeze”. Here’s everything you need to know about what the series’ showrunner said!

The Walking Dead: Is Connie Alive?

Angela Kang, the series’ showrunner recently gave some big news revolving Connie’s survival. She implied that it won’t be smart of us to keep faith that Lauren Ridloff’s character somehow survived. She further added that Norman Reedus’ gruff-but-tender alter ego certainly hasn’t written her off as dead.

The series’ newest episode will air on AMC Sunday, Oct. 4.

The Walking Dead
Source: AMC

The series’ executive producer said that a part of Norman’s just doesn’t want to give up on anybody. Daryl just does not feel right about giving up on anybody. Additionally, Angela reminded the fans about the time when Daryl saw a bridge blow up and catch fire.

Even at that time, Daryl was like ‘No, that guy’s not dead’ and searched the river for him for years. At the same, this time also, he is his nature’s victim.

Angela said that she doesn’t think Daryl has stopped looking for Connie. He also was not wanting to stop finding Beth went she was gone. In the same way, he has not given up hope of finding Connie.

The Walking Dead
Source: AMC

So, Will He Find Her?

We all know that Daryl is capable of finding her given his skills and talent. However, this time, it won’t be easy for him. Daryl is a bit distracted at the moment.

We saw in the series’ tenth season that the Whisperers and their horde are descending on his friends’ hideout. This will change everything for Daryl and he will now have to make a wise decision.

Angela said that he’s just trying to cope the best he can. Judith is there with Daryl in these challenging times. She is basically like a goddaughter to him and they have each other’s backs.

The Walking Dead
Source: AMC

Judith has lost her parents and she’s with Daryl in the middle of the crisis. Daryl will have to focus very much on what’s right in front of him. Judith and Daryl will have to work together to find a way around.

Additionally, Angela lastly added that she does not believe that Daryl’s entirely given up hope that Connie might be alive.

We will bring more details very soon. Until then, stay tuned and keep reading for all the latest updates!




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