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The Walking Dead Season 11: Fan Theories On How It Will Come To An End

Are you eager to join the race for following the upcoming updates of series, The Walking Dead Season 11? In this very article, we are going to discuss the different mind-blowing fans theories about the upcoming series, The Walking Dead Season 11.

American’s famous horror show, The Walking Dead is a superficial scariest show. The show has earned such popularities among its viewers that bidding it bye will be the hardest situation. The show is written by considering the novel of the same name, The Walking Dead.

American famous show, The Walking Dead describes the life of various Survivors who are running away from zombies tribes. According to the chapters in The Walking Dead, Survivors are the normal beings who are afraid of getting clutched into the zombie’s hands. The story also reflects the pathetic situation of living beings, as there are many human beings present over there but none are ready to cope up with Survivors and help them.

Since the last ten years, AMCs is serving us with the delicious contents of The Walking Dead. Since the ending of the tenth season of The Walking Dead, everyone is eagerly waiting for the updates of the upcoming series eleventh part. As we all know that it’s the final concluding chapters of The Walking Dead, therefore, the show’s superfans have made their theories about the end of The Walking Dead Season 11.

So let’s see some of the topmost theories that fans are making regarding the concluding parts of The Walking Dead Season 11.

1. Survivors could get rid of Walker’s threat: To conclude the last Chapters of The Walking Dead Season 11, many of the fans have given their theories that to have a good peaceful ending, its possible that Zombies can die off.

2. Beginning of new chapter of Walkers and Survivors: As we know there are two parts of The Walking Dead, firstly, Fear Of The Walking Dead and The Walking Dead: World Beyond, then it can be assumed that both the casts can come together to make the alliance and battle against Walkers.

3. It is possible that the entire struggles of Survivors and zombies would just a thinking process of Rick, as we have seen the opening scene of The Walking Dead Season 1, where Rick is coming out from long dreadful years of coma.

4. The passive Rick may change the ending of The Walking Dead alliance.

5. Survivors may land to an area where they can be free from zombies and enjoy their Life peacefully.

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