The World Of The Married Cast: Check Them Out

The World Of The Married is a mystery thriller kdrama. The way The World Of The Married cast, plot, and characters are developed was absolutely amazing. Joo Hyun has written the screenplay of The World Of The Married.

Joo Hyun has also written the gems like Ms.Temper & Nam Jung Gi and Revolutionary Love. The director of The World Of The Married Cast is Mo Wan II, He is famous for his works like- A Beautiful Mind, Dream High 2, and The World of the Married.

The World Of The Married: The Plot

Ji Sun Woo is married to Lee Tae Oh. Lee is the CEO of an entertainment company. The couple has a son who is in his teens. The beautiful marriage starts to fade away soon. The scenery crashes down all at once when Ji Sun Woo gets to know about her husband’s affair. Her revenge and self-discovery is what The World Of The Married kdrama is about.

The World Of The Married Cast:

Kim Hee Ae, Park Hae Joon, and Han So Hee are the main casts of The World of The Married.

Kim Hee Ae

She is a famous actress from South Korea. The actress plays the role of Ji Sun Woo in The World of The Married. She plays the center of the plot. Kim Hee Ae is well known for her performances in Secret Love Affair, Second to Last Love, and My Man’s Woman.

Park Hae Joon

Park Hae Joon used to be a theatre actor before stepping into the kdrama world. He is also a part of The World Of The Married Kdrama cast. In the kdrama the actor is married to the beautiful actress Oh Yoo Jin. Park Hae Joon is renowned for his performances in Arthdal Chronicles, Misaeng: Incomplete Life, and I Have Not Done My Best Yet.

Han So Hee

Han So Hee is the girl from the iconic SHINee ‘That Girl’ music video. She plays Yeo Da Kyung in The World Of The Married kdrama. She plays a negative character in this kdrama. Some best performances of Han So Hee are 100 Days My Prince, My Name, and Soundtrack #1.

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