Thor 4 Could See Return Of A Dead MCU Character!

Thor: Love and Thunder –Instagram post fuels speculation dead MCU character is set to return

Snapshot from Ragnarok (Source: Marvel)

Director Taika Waititi posted a photo on Instagram, and it has fans going crazy. It raised a lot of speculations that the series might bring back a dead MCU character. The filmmaker is well known for his previous Thor installment, Thor: Ragnarok, and non-MCU movies such as What We Do in the Shadows, Hunt for the Wilderpeople, and Jojo Rabit. Fans expect another gem from the filmmaker as an upcoming Thor entry.

Do new characters make it into the Thor movie?

Studios have not released many details regarding the cast or the movie, but they confirmed that Starlord(Peter Quill) from Guardians and the Galaxy, i.e., Chris Pratt, will reprise his role in Love and Thunder. Natalie Portman will be returning as Jane Foster along with Tessa Thompson. And now fans speculate Elba is reprising his role as Heimdall. Thanos killed Elba’s character in Avengers: Infinity War. Fans are waiting for one of the most exciting cameos; it’s Batman! Christian Bale will also feature in a mysterious new role.


Elba and Taika 

Idris Elba as Heimdall (Source: Marvel)

Rumors are that the production of Love and Thunder has started in Australia in September. While Elba and Waititi were spotted together in New Zealand, they also posed together with the Rugby team. In his interviews, Elba has mentioned that he would be happy to return to the role with a plausible story even after his character’s demise. “Listen, Heimdall is essentially part of the god family. So you know, he essentially could be alive. I’m just saying! I’m just putting it out there. “The Heimdall character goes way back into, you know, the Thor mythology. And I’m sure there will be an interesting way to bring that alive. Of course, I would [return]. Yes.”

Elba is currently filming Three Thousand Years of Longing in Australia, but that doesn’t rule out him appearing in the next Thor movie, especially as we wouldn’t expect him to have a significant role. It seems possible that he could appear in a flashback, a vision, or the afterlife, meaning it’ll be a cameo role at best. Valhalla is quite a big part of Norse mythology, after all.

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