Tidelands Season 2: Is it coming to Netflix?

Netflix brings good news for the fans of the Tidelands. It will now be streaming on Netflix. After knowing this, the fans must be eager to know whether season 2 is coming out or not?
The streaming and downloading facility for this show is available on Netflix too now. At the same time, Tidelands is first from the Original Australian Series for the streaming giant. She is narrating the story of Cal McTeer played by Charlotte Best, who discovered that there is something shady about her village Orphelin Bay. 
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Will there be another series of Tidelands?

There is yet no news out about the announcement for season 2. But the article will be updated as soon as there any official report made by the creators or Netflix.
The revival of this show is depended mainly on details that Netflix doesn’t like to make it public such as the rating and viewing figures.
If the series finds an audience in Australia, then it will have to be treated for a second season. Whereas not forgetting that the show has received average reviews from the critics.
With an excellent looking cast, the show feels like bit distracting, acting prowess on offer and nudity were thrown into the mix hiding the questionable scripting, the Review Greek gave the show 4/10 with these comments.
And just when the caterpillar thought of it?
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What will happen in Tidelands season 2?

Tideland is a group of dangerous people who are half-human, and with half sirens, Tidelands tells the story of Orphelin Bay. 
Whereas Siren from Greek methodology is a dangerous creature, also known for luring sailors with singing voices and music.
Technically the show will pick up form the last where they left it, season 1 final episode.
Elsa Pataky as Adriee injured Cal McTeer’s brother Augie (Aaron Jakubenko) and love interest Dylan( Marco Pigossi), which made Cal McTeer end up alone wholly.
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Who will star in Tidelands season 2?

Yet it is unclear who all will back and how many new cast members. No announcement hasn’t said anything about the cast list and also about the members who were killed off in the 1st season.
The new Queen of Tidelanders, Charlotte best playing Cal McTeer, will return.
Finn Little playing the roke of Gilles should also return.
Cal who saved Chloe De Los Santos played by Bijou, so these both should be back.
Hopefully, Augie and Dylan survive their injuries and return for a second season.

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