Tiger and Bunny: Episode 11-13 Spoilers Here!

What Happened in Episode 10?

Over the last few episodes, a mysterious organization called Ouroboros has come across. So, here is what Tiger and Bunny: Episode 11-13 will tell us!

A member of this organization can the killer of Barnaby’s parents .

These three episodes move the story with a fast pace and leave the viewers on a cliff-hanger climax.

Tiger and Bunny
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The 10 episodes featured a massive terrorist attack, which indeed, was similar to the scene of The Dark Knight Rises (of The Batman Saga).

How are episode Tiger and Bunny: Episode 11-13 going to turn up?

Episode 12 and 13 show the usual hero-villain drama where the heroes are on the ropes until they figure out the secrets behind the villain’s powers.

This gives all the heroes a chance to showcase their unique talents.

Fight Scene
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Origami Cyclone uses his powers for the first time when on a mission, which in turn helps him to get important intel.

The mighty Sky High and Rock Bison get defeated badly.

Wild Tiger shows some awesome fight moves in bridge fight in episode 11, however, he gets beaten up by Jake in episode 12.

Nonetheless, he gains some very important information.

Later on, it was very satisfying when Barnaby finally defeats Jake with Kotetsu helping him.

Barnaby comes down on Kotetsu with a lack of trust while confronting against Jake which seems highly unfair.

This whole scenario raised many questions. Lunatic decided to stay on the sidelines for the entire thing, even-thought he can easily find an excuse to get out of there.

Additionally, Jake’s 2 unrelated powers stepped outside the rule book for NEXT, so what exactly is going on there?

Tiger and Bunny
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And how is Kotetsu going to face Kaede?

Jake and his girl showed the “NEXT supremacist” attitude. This draws another parallel link to Marvel Comic’s mutants!

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So with a big conclusion on the edge, where could the second-half lead?

Just like the comic books, things are not even closely as complete as what they seem, and since this series follows the follows comic book superhero protocol in most cases, you can probably expect that here as well.

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