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Tiger King Season 2: What’s The Netflix Plans For The Return

The crime-documentary named Tiger King is reportedly returning to Netflix for a potential second season, after easily becoming one of Netflix’s most-watched shows at the very beginning of the coronavirus lockdown.

The show does tell the inconceivably real story of the ongoing feud between a zoo owner named Joe Exotic and an animal rights activist named Carole Baskin, which ended with the Exotic going to prison for an attempted murder and also animal abuse charges.

Although he is still behind bars, many of the viewers are left wondering if there will be a second season. As it is confirmed by numerous sources, it seems that there will indeed be a second season of Tiger King coming out shortly.

Tiger King Season 2
Image Source – Netflix

John Reinke, one of the first season subjects, has stated that there are still hundreds of hours of unseen footage and that the streaming giant wants to get in touch with him recently regarding making a few more episodes.

Show producers Rebecca Chaiklin and Eric Goode have even indicated that the whole story has not yet been told while talking about the show’s potential future.

Many other people involved in this show, including Joe Exotic’s husband Dillon Passage, have also revealed that filming for the second season of the show has already begun in some quantity.

Tiger King Season 2 | What’s The Netflix Plans For The Return

Furthermore, Tiger King’s events did not happen in the distant past. The feud between Baskin and Exotic is still underway, and brand new developments to the story might pop up at any time, so coming up with some new content for the second season would not be difficult.

The online streaming service providing platform, Netflix, has not announced a date of release for Tiger King season 2 yet, and the release date might be delayed even further than expected due to the ongoing pandemic slowing things down.

Tiger King Season 2
Image Source – Netflix

As for now, even a trailer for the show would be enough to satisfy the fans of the show, but even that does not seem like it is coming anytime soon. Since this is a documentary series, there is no role-playing involved. However, this show features the following people :

  • Joe Exotic
  • Carole Baskin
  • Jeff Lowe
  • Bhagavan Antle
  • Rick Kirkham
  • Howard Baskin
  • John Reinke 
  • John Finley

Tiger King can be streamed exclusively on the streaming giant Netflix in all countries.

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