Titans Season 3 On Netflix: When Is It Coming To Which Region?

Titans is making a return for the third season with a new home in the United Staes, but this time, the online streaming service providing platform, Netflix is expected to be carrying the third season. In this article, we will be discussing all the details that are known to us about Titans Season 3.

Already a lot has been revealed about the third season of the series, including the fact that Barbara Gordon, the Batgirl, will be appearing in this season. We are also aware of the fact that Red Hood is coming to the series too. 

Titans Season 3
Image Source – DC

Titans Season 3 On Netflix: Release Schedule

As of now, we are expecting any region that is currently streaming the first and the second season of the series to receive the third season of the series sometime after the third season wraps. However, we would like to tell you that you should not expect weekly episode drops.

The previous seasons of the series have arrived on the streaming giant every January, but that was when the series has kept to a fall release schedule. Instead of this, based on the production only getting underway in the month of October of the year 2020, many are currently predicting that it may not be until August 2021, based on the production of the series currently scheduled to end in the month of June of the next year.

Titans Season 3
Image Source – DC

In the United States, you can almost certainly rule out any possibility of it hitting the streaming giant. DC Universe was initially the home to the first two seasons and will be HBO Max starting November 1 as DC Universe is retired. That is where the show will now continue airing and it going to another streamer seems near impossible.

Titans has been rumored to be departing from Netflix internationally as HBO Max slowly rolls out around the world (although, in most of the cases, it won’t be for at least five years based on existing deals).

We haven’t heard any official from either WarnerMedia or Netflix, but we have heard rumors at least that Netflix only picked up a number of seasons and that it could depart when HBO Max rolls out. Again, nothing official, but the same has been rumored for Close Enough, which Netflix recently picked up internationally.

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That’d mean that season three would release on Netflix internationally in Q3-Q4 of 2021. Again, this is just broad speculation without a release date.

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