Tom Ellis Leaving ‘Lucifer’ After Season 6? If So What Does He Plan To Do Ahead? Know All The Details!!

Lucifer’s face to change? Know all behind the camera gossip!

Netflix’s popular drama “Lucifer” is in danger over the potential dispute regarding Tom Eliis contract. Hell turns real off-camera on the sets of Lucifer as there arises a contract dispute including the lead star. Sources close to Warner Bros. Television and actor Tom Ellis have informed that the later has rejected the studio’s latest offer. Although, earlier this year, the actor confirmed the deal and hence him backing out now would put him in breach of contract.

Tom Ellis in Lucifer (Source: Netflix)

What’s the take of studios on the deal?

The series created a lot of talk in the business with the latest season, and it was a huge hit. With all the fans going gaga over the series and the lead, no production network would want it to go another way. As per the sources, Warner Bros. TV has “stretched their arm” towards Tom multiple times. “Everyone wants Tom to be happy. But there’s a limit, and it’s been reached,” words from the authorities. However there is no official word from Netflix, Warner Bros or the actor.

Netflix put forward the idea in February for extending the evil-struck drama even though the fifth season would be the final season. 

More about “Lucifer”

For first three seasons the series aired on Fox and later Netflix picked it up in June 2018. Ellis had some kind words for the fans, “Since doing Lucifer, I’ve done press in various parts of the world, and I’m fully aware that this show is much more popular than what it had seemed to be on Fox. So I’m not surprised about people being angry. I just wasn’t ready this tsunami of love that came with it.”

Official poster for the series “Lucifer” (Source: Netflix)

Lucifer is one of the well-received series on Netflix that it became the biggest TV series to have the most opening weekend. 

Tom Ellis on leaving the show

The 41-year-old star during his Kings of Con interview said, “Six seasons of the show is a real achievement. It’s been a huge emotional journey, and I don’t think I want to do anymore. I know I don’t want to do anymore.” Tom also made it clear that there are no hard feelings amongst the cast. They had a great time shooting the series.

LUCIFER (L to R) Lauren German as Chloe Decker and Tom Ellis as LUCIFER (Source: Netflix)

Ian Somerhalder to replace Tom Ellis !!

Speculations are that Ian Somerhalder will replace Tom Ellis on the lead role. However, these could be just fan theories as there is no definite confirmation from the maker’s part. After the cancellation of Ian’s show V Wars,  the star indicated no projects with Netflix in the near future. Somerhalder has blessed our screens with the phenomenal teen drama The Vampire Dairies.

Ian Somerhalder (Source: pinterest)





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