Tony Stark Is Not A Genius With Social Media | Iron Man Proves It

In the first film of the Iron Man franchise, which was directed by Christopher Cantwell and CAFU, it was shown that Tony Stark tried his hand at the social media platform, Twitter, but he quickly shows that he is not a genius with the social media. We all are aware of the fact that toney Stark from the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a tech genius. He has proved it way too many times in the span of over a decade that he is a genius.

From creating better and advanced version of the Iron Man suits, to developing the nanotech, and the artificial intelligence, he was the best the Marvel Cinematic Universe had. It was no wonder why he ranked among the smartest people in the world.

Tony Stark
Image Source – Marvel

However, there is an area in which he does not excel, and it is totally a surprise that he is not that good with the social media. Yes, you heard it right, that the uber-cool and the very popular chairman of the Stark Industries finally opens an account on the social media platform, Twitter, in the first movie of the Iron Man franchise. But the Billionaire/Genious/Playboy/Philanthropist, is in for a heavy dose of reality because it goes about as well as you might expect.

Tony Stark is not good with the Social Media.

Well it totally makes sense that someone with a deep knowledge of technology and that too with a high hill ego as high as that of Tony Stark, he would definitely have a Twitter account. We learned in the first movie of the franchise that the armoured superhero had his account on Twitter.

Throughout the issue, Tony sends out multiple tweets, and one of the tweets details his victory against Terrax, which incidentally took out a satellite in Earth’s orbit. At the same time, another delivers an inspirational quote. Later, the following tweet also informs his followers that Tony is hosting a party for his friends in New York, while his last one delivers an apology after he accidentally destroys one of the 21 Gutenberg Bibles during a battle with Unicorn.

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Tony Stark
Image Source – Marvel

When he informs his followers that Terrax has been defeated, most of the followers answer with complaints about the satellite’s destruction, and how it has temporarily cut off their access to cable or the Internet. Similarly, his quote is met with dismissal, while his party update triggers his followers to complain about his wealth.

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