Top 10 Movies Coming In 2020 That You Should Look Out For

2020 has been a nightmare so far. Well, at least we can look forward to the movies that are coming out. From Christopher Nolan’s multi-million dollar megaproject, Tenet to Daniel Craig’s final show as James Bond in No Time To Die, we are in for it. Let’s take a look at all the postponed or the late scheduled movies coming out in 2020. Top 10 movies coming out in 2020.

Top Ten 2020 Movies:

1) Marvel’s Black Widow

Marvel’s new movie after the massive success of Endgame stars Scarlet Johanson in the Black Widow title. The first and last solo for the Black Widow, people are expected to come in masses for sure. Originally going to be released on 1st May now it is postponed to late September.


2) A Quiet Place 2 

The sequel to the hit A Quiet Place was bound to be released on 17th May, but John Krasinski (Writer-Director), considering the corona outbreak shift the date to late September. We know he won’t be acting in this one cause you know (Spoiler Alert) he died in the last one. Let see what this one brings new to the table. Top 10 movie for sure.


3) No Time To Die

Daniel Craig’s last run as the famous ladies man is going in theater in November now. This is it for Craig’s Bond, and Rami Malek has joined the cast of the movie and will play the last villain.


4) Legally Blonde 3

Reese Witherspoon is back as Elle Woods in the third installment of Legally Blonde. Mindy Kaling is coming in as the writer of the movie. We are waiting for what Elle do next after they decide when they are releasing the movie. It does come in out top 10 movies most awaited list.

5) Barbie

Margot Robbie is cast as the Barbie in the next Barbie movie, where Barbie is cast out of the Barbie world for not being perfect. Let’s see what the movie holds. We’ll watch it for Margot!

6) Fast And Furious 9

Another one! Yes, another fast and furious is coming out this year, maybe late September or near October. I mean they’re nothing much to be said about this than people are going to watch it. 


7) Wonder Woman 1984

Although DCEU is in shambles, wonder woman stays strong. Wonder Woman 1984 is going to be released on 12th August around the world.


8) Top Gun Maverick

Tom Cruise is set to make a comeback after 31 years in the sequel of Top Gun. We can’t wait to see him riding those motorcycles and bringing the good old days back. 


9) Minions 2

Bababdaba badaba ba babba bada ba! Yes! The Minions are back with a bang. The movie was going to be released in May, but it’s moved to the end of the year. Bada ba indeed!


10) Tenet

Finally, the movie I am most excited about is Christopher Nolan‘s most awaited mega project, Tenet. I have nothing to say about this movie because nobody knows anything about the movie. That’s what makes it more exciting!


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