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Top Movies Similar to Fifty Shades of Grey

The topmost erotic movie trilogy, Fifty shades of Grey, was in a buzz at the time of its release. The perfect onscreen chemistry of Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan gives you a raunchy atmosphere. And to feel the vibe of sensationalism and the desire for love. The movie Fifty Shades of Grey gives a passion to the lost spark in you. It gives a burning sentiment to love yourself and others. Engrossed in watching some erotic movies like Fifty shades of Grey that grant you goosebumps on your hand? We have a list of the topmost erotic movies that are dirtier than movies like Fifty shades of Grey.

Fifty shades of Grey similar Newness

You will love this venture of Martin Hallock and Gabi Silva

In contemporary Los Angeles, two Millenials, Martin, a pharmacist, and Gabi, a physiotherapist. As they spend their weekends swiping on dating apps. There were various options, but they were more into hookups over connections. The second they met, they perceived themselves talking into the early hours. They attached really well, and it was exciting.

Lust, Caution

In the Japanese invaded Shangai, a student drama troupe plan. As to kill a Japanese supported official, Mr. Yee. For the job, the humble girl but the preeminent lady of the group, Wong Chia Chi, is chosen. But she wants to be the head of troupe Kyuang Yu Min. 


Shame is about Brandon Sullivan, whose age is moderately 30 and is a sex addict. He is surfing explicit content on his business computers, looks strange at women. And gets an even desire to have quick, anonymous intimacy with them. He drops his addiction from those few people in his life who have an affectionate sense, unlike his married boss.

Eyes Wide Shut

Eyes Wide Shut is about a pair who lives in a lavish house along Central Park West with their seven-year-old daughter. They went to a lavish Christmas ball treated by one of his lavish patients. Everyone dropped their dark secrets along with the doctor’s wife, Alice. Alice had a big list of sexual daydreams that introduced another man in her life. The doctor is disturbed by his wife’s infidelity. And realizes that he has abundant freedom in terms of sex life.

Fifty shades of Grey similar Room in Rome

Room in Rome is a lesbian erotic romantic drama. The story is about Alb,s a beautiful woman from Spain and is on the last day of her Rome holiday. Alba meets Natasha in Russia and calls her to join at her hotel. After some initial hesitation. Natasha executes loves on her bed as both are attracted to each other.


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