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Documentaries are capable of helping you in learning a little more and in making you a bit more educated. Also, during this pandemic, it is necessary to hibernate yourself, so in this article, we have listed down the 25 best documentaries present on the online streaming platform, Netflix. Also, we have divided them into specific categories so that you don’t have to struggle much.

True Crime Documentaries on Netflix

  • Tiger King – Directed by Eric Goode, the series is focussed on Joe Exotic. IMDb Rating – 7.6
  • Don’t F**k with Cats – A docu-series directed by Mark Lewis revolving around Luka Magnotta. IMDb Rating – 8.1
  • The Staircase – The 2001 Docuseries directed by Jean Xavier de Lestrade centers upon Michael Peterson. IMDb Rating – 7.9
  • Evil Genius – Directed by Barbara Schroeder, the docuseries is focussed on the events that took place in 2003 in Erie, Pennsylvania. IMDb Rating – 7.6
Evil Genius
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  • Making a Murderer – Most influential crime documentary series directed by Laura Ricciardi centers on the subsequent trial of Steven Avery. IMDb Rating – 8.6

Politics and Wrongdoing

  • 13th – A twisted interpretation of the thirteenth amendment of the constitution, directed by Ava DuVernay. IMDb Rating – 8.2
  • Dirty Money – Directed by Ted Braun, the series does an examination of some of the most flagrant examples of corruption. IMDb Rating – 8.1
  • The Bleeding Edge – This docuseries will give you a new respect for the lawsuit commercials that are played between The View Segments. IMDb Rating – 7.7
  • Murder Mountain – Directed by Joshua Zeman, the crime docuseries looks upon the perils of the pot industry. IMDb Rating – 6.9

Food and Travel Documentaries

  • Rotten – It covers the delicious and rotten side of the production of food and is directed by Ted Braun. IMDb Rating – 7.1
  • Salt Fat Acid Heat – Based on the Nosrat’s book, the series is directed by Caroline Suh, and explores what good cooking looks like. IMDb Rating – 7.7
  • Tales by Light – The series introduces us to a new photographer in each new episode, and is directed by Abraham Joffe. IMDb Rating – 8.3

Feel Good Docuseries

  • Quincy – A documentary on the iconic musician and producer, Quincy Jones, directed by Rashida Jones and Alan Hicks. IMDb Ratings – 7.6
  • Studio 54 – A prominently comprehensive history of the disco club. The series is directed by Matt Tyrnauer. IMDb Rating – 7.0
  • Expedition Happiness – The series follows the journey of a young couple and their dog across North America. It is directed by Selima Taibi. IMDb Rating – 5.9
  • The Toys That Made Us – A great way to buff up your nostalgia, watch this docuseries to know why, how, and by whom were the toys like He-Man and Battle Cat were made. IMDb Rating – 8.1

Conspiracy and Religion Documentaries

  • Wild Wild Country – The series traces the growth of a little cult in India into a juggernaut. It is directed by Maclain Way and Chapman Way. IMDb Rating – 8.2
Wild Wild Country
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  • One of Us – This documentary follows three defectors from Hasidism, a housewife, a would-be actor, and a teenager. IMDb Rating – 7.1
  • Behind The Curve – Flat Earthers defending their opinion, directed by Daniel J.Clark. IMDb Rating – 6.5
  • Holy Hell – one of the strangest and most unsettling documentaries of the decade. IMDb Rating – 7.1

Personal Profile Documentaries

  • De Palma – It is directed by Noah Baumbach and can only be watched by a true cinephile. IMDb Rating – 7.4
  • The Trader – Centers on an old man, Gela, who scavenges his neighborhood for potatoes and trades them for other necessities. IMDb Rating – 6.7
  • Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond – the documentary features the interviews with the cast members and crew of the Man On The Moon. IMDb Rating – 7.7

Sports Documentaries

  • The Last Dance – The series follows the rise of Chicago Bulls. IMDb Rating – 9.2
  • Icarus – uncovers the darkest and unknown sides of greatness. IMDb Rating – 7.7

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