One Ok Rock rock band’s agency announced on Tuesday that the band’s leader and guitarist Toru Yamashita has tested positive for the new coronavirus disease (COVID-19). The news devastated the fans.

The agency told that Yamashita awoke with both a fever and chills on Monday morning. He was feeling very uneasy. He took the test on the same day. The PCR test revealed that he was infected with the COVID-19 virus.


Toru Yamashita
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One Ok Rock: How are other members?

Yamashita is currently hospitalized in Tokyo. The lead guitarist is stable and in good condition. The agency also confirmed the well-being of other band members. They said that none of the band members met with other recently and were complying with social distancing norms.

One Ok Rock band’s agency also said that they have set up an internal committee. This internal committee will ensure the health and oversee the activities of its artists and employees. Additionally, they are regularly disinfecting and ventilating every event and taking full care of their employees. Also, they are making sure that everyone is wearing masks and regularly sanitizing their hands.

One OOne-Ok-Rock-Bandk Rock Band

One Ok Rock Band
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One Ok Rock performed the theme song of Rurouni Kenshin. Rurouni Kenshin is a live-action film and the audience really loved it. They also performed the theme song for the live-action Kingdom film.

One OK Rock is a rock band which came together in 2005 in Japan. The four artists of the band are Takahiro Moriuchi (vocalist), Toru Yamashita (guitarist, bandleader), Ryota Kohama (bassist), and Tomoya Kanki (drummer). They excel in many genres ranging from alternative rock and emo to post-hardcore and pop-rock.

Interestingly, the band’s name comes from “one o’clock”, the time that the band used to practice their music on weekends.

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