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The new Trackmania is out, which is billed as a reimagining of Trackmania Nation. The three- Tiered subscription model is confusing for the fans to understand.

Where is the game available?

The Epic Games Store and Ubisoft store are making available the Trackmania series officially on PC. The coronavirus delayed not only the coming of movies and series but also the gaming zones. This game was postponed due to the entry of this Pandemic situation. This is a remake of the highly regarded free Trackmania Nations.
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What is confusing in the new game?

The fan interest is so high for this new game and titled it merely Trackmania. The only factor that is keeping people a foot back is the confusion of the Three-tiered subscription model.

For what do we have to pay in the game? How much?

The three tiers of this new game, Trackmania, are Starter Access, Standard Access, and Club Access. The price of $10 and $30 is the price of the Standard Access and Club Access, respectively, whereas the Starter Access is for free. Starter Access allows players to sample 25 of the game’s premade tracks.
On the other hand, Standard Access gives you access to unlock daily competitions. Not only this, but also the Track of the day, the track editor, and player creation servers. Whereas the Club Access grants the players the ability to participate in online rooms, create their custom servers, and compete in the official leagues of Trackmania.
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What is the game all about?

The previous Trackmania games were so heavily revolved around the user-created content, which made it appear that the Club Access is vital to enjoying the game to the fullest. Especially in the situations when you are planning to host your server with your buddies. When you are trying to sample test the game, you can quickly start with the Starter, and Standard Access might help you to get started!

What is the history of the game?

In 2006 the first nation was released for free and was developed for Electronic Sports World Cup. For many gamers out there, it was the first in the series to play, but now the new look is revisiting with a new name and slightly different business model.
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The new game is back with Trackmania, the same name with no additional subtitles and titles to make it look different from the previous game. The new game is simply “Trackmania,” with no additional name or subtitle to differentiate itself from the 17 previous releases.
Trackmania is one of the epic stadiums. It has one environment but the perfect atmosphere. It is not free as Trackmania Nations or Trackmania Nations Forever. But, instead, Trackmania has ranked business model.

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